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Richard Herring's Hitler Moustache Tour

Monday, 29th March, 2010, by Oliver Crandon, The Kings and Queens News Team

On Monday, 29 March, comedian Richard Herring returned to Cheddar, for a performance of his "Hitler Moustache" show. The spectacular finale to Cheddar Arts @ Kings Theatre's spring programme was performed to a full house, of young and old alike, including Herring's parents, who live in Cheddar.

Herring's performance was one of over fifty, of his national tour, which sees him visiting venues in Peterborough, Liverpool, Cardiff, Leeds and Edinburgh, to name but a few. The Hitler Moustache tour was, among other things, a reclamation project for Richard.

As the name of the tour suggests, the moustache known as a 'toothbrush', is now famously associated with Adolf Hitler, and thus associated with the Holocaust. However, the moustache originally belonged to comedian Charlie Chaplin, and as Herring explained in the opening stages of his show, his wish is to return the comedic roots to the moustache.

The comedy began with the ups and downs of growing the moustache: one could never imagine the occasions that may arise whilst growing facial hair of a somewhat controversial nature; having grown-out a beard, to sculpt it into a dense, yet small moustache, then having to shave it all off for the photographs of a golden wedding celebration.

Once fully developed, the moustache continued to draw considerable amounts of negative attention to Herring. Explaining, with great hilarity, the looks he might receive from fellow residents of Shepherds Bush, an ethnically diverse district of our capital.

Despite his uncanny resemblance to the Fuhrer, the moustache didn't however bring protection. Just as many people, who own an iPhone, might understand, they can become a life essential. So, when you have yours stolen from you by a hooded-youth on a BMX, it may seem as though your world has ended. Obviously, you'd also think that being in an incredibly busy and bustling area, when you shout for help, assistance might not be far away. When sporting a moustache of such controversy, however, you may be wrong!

The recollections of such amusing occurrences continued, long into the second half of the show, when Herring moved onto another focus of his tour: to depower fascism; and what greater way is there to depower something, than to laugh at it? Of course, this ties in with the other focus of the tour, reclaiming the moustache to its original owner, Charlie Chaplin.

As the jokes rolled on and the audience rolled with laughter, Herring continued to impress with his witty take on the events of everyday life (or at least as close to normality as one could be with a Hitler moustache.)

As the show drew to a close, the humorous attack against fascism did not. On their way out of the door, every member of the audience was presented with their own make-shift moustache to take away with them. What's more was that everybody was asked to make sure that they wore their strip of Velcro for at least a day. The wiser members of the audience, or at least those avoiding embarrassment, put their moustaches on as they left the theatre, so that the day had only a couple of hours left for them.

Whilst Herring's side-splitting show in Cheddar had to come to an end, the Cheddar Arts @ Kings Theatre programme was merely taking a short break; the Summer Programme commencing only a month later, with the cinema screening of "Julie and Julia", a light comedy starring Meryl Streep.

Still to come, in this season's programme of performance arts and entertainment, include Gardeners' Question Time, with BBC's Anne Swithinbank on Friday, 14 May. On Friday, 21 May, by popular demand, the Disney/Pixar animation "Up", will be blessing Kings' Theatre's big screen. On Thursday, 3 June, the renowned theatre company, Rain or Shine, return, with their outdoor performance of Oscar Wilde favourite "The Importance of Being Earnest", in front of the school's Saxon Palace. On Friday, 18 June, the winner of six Academy Awards, "The Hurt Locker" will screen, starring Ralph Fiennes and Jeremy Renner. Monday 28 June, heralds another box office smash, "Sherlock Holmes", starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. This third, fabulous season of events for Cheddar Arts @ Kings' Theatre concludes on Saturday, 17 July, with a summer jazz night, featuring the famous 'Blue Notes' and Hannah Wedlock.

To foot-tap the night away, or book tickets for any of these events, visit the box office at Kings Fitness and Leisure, or telephone 01934 744939 (ext. 6.)