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The ‘Key’ to learning about new technology is to start young.

Year 9 3D Printing Club commenced this term and students have begun to experiment with this new

and exciting technology. A selection of Year 9 students have responded to the challenge of learning how

to realise their ideas through the medium of 3D printing.

As exciting as the technology is, without a knowledge of computer aided design you can end up endlessly printing

other people’s ideas. This combined with the expense of the machines are some of the reasons why 3D printing

has not reached the large volumes in homes and had the impact many commentators predicted.

Fortunately the technology is developing all the time and printers are more reliable and getting cheaper year on

year. Computer aided design programs are also becoming far more accessible and easier to use. With this in mind

the Year 9 club members have been learning how to design digital models of their own ideas.

They have initially designed key fobs as a

way to learn the programme and we are now

moving on to designing and making toys.

Here are two quotes from some of our mem-


“3D printing is great because our de-

signs look awesome when they are print-


“I like it because there’s no way I could

get a 3D printer at home but now I can

make my ideas at school.”

“Doing 3D printing club is actually really exciting, I have learned lots of skills; like how to use 3D

programs to design lots of different objects. I have recently made a little sci-fi rocket. We have also

learned how to make robots, cars, tanks planes and the list goes on...It is really interesting just sit-

ting, looking at the machine and watching it print every single layer as it builds things over hours

and hours.”

We look forward to seeing what the students come up with next and feeling fortunate to inspire the engineers of

the future.


Mr K Holmes, Teacher of Design Technology

Our Engineers of the Future