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1.Charities Week has just happened, and it definitely was a success amongst the students.

What did you think of it, and how does it compare to previous years?

So, one word would describe it for me is that it was “brilliant”. It is my 22


Charities Week at Kings and I believe

it was one of the best Charities Weeks our students have ever put on. Everyone got involved, it was very well

planned and organised. A really brilliant week and I have met the Senior Student Team and thanked them for

their work.

Charites Week is a very busy time of year, so it’s great that Kings stops and slows down to help charities and peo-

ple who are less fortunate.

2. It’s a brand new year at school, and this one is the first year where GCSE exam results will be

reported in the new 9-1 system.

What are your opinions of this change in the education system and the removal of Controlled


Yes, next year, 2017, will be the first year that the new grading system is being used for English and Maths and

then it will be implemented for other subjects in 2019-2020. We are working hard to help students through this

transitional time.

I know that some students do better in Controlled Assessments than exams and some students are better at ex-

ams rather than Controlled Assessments. Unfortunately the Government are removing Controlled Assessments

whereas I think they were generally better as I believe they provided a better balance.

Gradings 9-1 will obviously take time for everyone to get used to it and there will be some initial confusion. But I

know that after a few years it will settle down and become the norm.

I have seen a change before in the GCSE gradings and the change always takes time to bed in. We are still unsure

of exact grade boundaries, but we are doing all we can to support our students and help them to be fully pre-


3. Today (15December

2016) is the first year anni-

versary of British astronaut

Tim Peake going into space.

What do you think the fu-

ture of space travel holds

for us?

I’m old enough to remember

watching the moon landing in

1969 and I have always been

passionate about space technolo-

gy. A great triumph for our gen-


Human beings have always had

the desire to explore and discov-

er new places, and I would like to

think in the future we will push

the boundaries of space travel.

I am always reminded that WD-

40 came about from the space

industry and computer technolo-

gy has come from space travel.

I believe we should continue to have a presence in space and continue to explore space in some way. Space helps

us to understand our world better.

Thank you Mr Richardson for your very interesting answers!



Time for the News Team to ask our Executive Headteacher Mr Richardson about

issues of the day. James Hughes and Josh Tatton asked the following questions: