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We end this edition of the

Kings’ Messenger

newsletter on a historic note.

This number 130 marks the last

Kings’ Messenger.

The end of an era. But it’s time to keep up with modern times.

And we will continue

to keep you informed!

We all know the Internet plays an increasingly dynamic role in

reporting news 24 hours a day via many different news sources

(as we watch traditional news mouthpieces of TV and radio

run to keep up!) - and lots of us have tablet technology that we

can carry around in our hands, pockets and bags that keep us

constantly alert to breaking news.

So, as we never stand still here at Kings, from next January

2017, we will be publishing our news about students and the

academy in tune with modern media.

We want to publish news for you about life at Kings, as

and when events happen so that you can read stories

more immediately, in the now.

Executive Headteacher Mr Richardson will be writing a

newsy and informative online Headteacher’s Blog, and we

will continue to publish stories on the academy website.

Our Kings and Queens News Team will still be busy writing

reports and student blogs, that will also be available on the academy website.

Every half term, we will publish the Roll of Honour celebrating students’ accomplishments for Special

Achievements, Enrichment Awards and School Colours and the parents’ calendar will be kept–up-to-date for

you on the academy website.

When I joined Kings in September 2003 and discovered my special mission to

edit and compile the

Kings’ Messenger


I have to say this was a

first for me as a PA as I had never put together a newsletter like this before.

I have always enjoyed writing humble stories and reviews and in my last post

at Warner Bros. I wrote a column for the newsletter.

But the

Kings’ Messenger

for such a busy and active school was altogeth-

er something bigger—and when I was pleased we embraced colour printing—

brighter prospect.

I have been grateful for the opportunity to be creative and have my finger on

the pulse of life at Kings and have been ably assisted by many talented students

on The Kings and Queens News Team over the years.

I like to think each and every edition has been special as it shows the wonderful

work of staff and students here at Kings. But I certainly remember the 100th

edition was a big one and as I sign off now on my

80th edition

(yes, really—six

a year, so do the Maths!), I thank everyone for their contributions over the years

since the very first edition launched by Executive Headteacher Mr Richardson in

February 1995—before any of our current students were even born!

Thank you all and do watch out for Kings news online!

By Jude Owens (Head’s PA)