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(50 merits)

Ruth Day 9JWA

William Febrey 9KA

James Griffiths 10CS

Ben Haines 9LT

Anna Horackova 9JWA

Ben Saunders 10LD

Jim Wall 9KA


(75 merits)

Molly Abbiss 10TS

Jasmine Abbott 10GM

Alexander Barham 10LD

James Boston 10GM

Jake Burnell 11FS

Harry Coombs 10LD

Aaron Dalton 10ZT

Charlie Davies 10GM

Ella De-Layen Vian 11FS

Henry Favre 11KM

Aaron Frost 10LD

Niamh Gardner-Webber 10CB

Alice-Emily Haggan 10CS

Ethan Heather 10GM

Imogen Jones 10LD

Josh King 10RLH

Hayley Lloyd-Jones 10LD

Harry Milford 10LD

Lochie Read 10BA

George Roberts 10ERE

Steven Rousell 10ZT

Jenna Swan 10GM

Kieran Taylor 10ERE

Bethany Wells 11NA

Jade Wright 10ZT


(100 merits)

Victoria Alexander 10LD

Kezia Beale 10CB

Catherine Beasant 10TS

Matthew Chillingworth 10CS

Dougie Clarke 10ERE

Ava Daniels 10TS

Toby Dawkins 10LD

Sophie Frankpitt 10BA

Ryan Frewin 11FS

Edward Gillions 11NA

Tom Goodison 10CB

Elliot Gouldsworthy 11AS

Max Grandfield 10GM

Sasha Gullick 11LJ

Lily Hewett 10ERE

Ayla Jordan 10RLH

Hebe Littlewood 10ERE

Robert McKenzie 11NP

Josh McLean 11GW

Frank Methley 11JAW

Ben Mullin 10RLH

Lauren Mulvihill 11AS

Tyler Nayler 10ZT

Lauren Powell 10CB

Josh Power-Osguthorpe 10ERE

Christopher Routley 11JAW

William Soffe 11RM

Alice Stockwell 10ERE

Katrina Thorpe 10RLH

Max Toms 10CS

Maya Ugoji 11LJ

George Vining 11JAW

Elise Warner-Deards 10CS

WilliamWestbrook 10RLH

Kira Wilbourne 10GM

Lauren Woodcock 10LD


(150 merits)

Megan Agnew 11RM

Katie Britt 10CG

Ellie Burrows 10ZT

Rory Caughey-Rixon 11JAW

Yasemin Cetin 11NA

Hamish Clarke 11JAW

Charlie Cullimore 11KM

Samantha Ferns 10BA

Sophia Garrity 10BA

Tom Hemingway-Arnold 11SA

Anya Hobson 11RM

Eleanor Jones 11NP

Sam Kail-Dyke 11KM

Justin Leavey 10BA

Imogen Low 11AS

Finn Marjoram 10BA

Lucy Moncrieff 11SA

Isabel Nardiello 11NA

Naomi Pollard 10BA

Nikki Price 10CG

Oliver Rigg 10BA

Evie Roach 10CG

Olivia Slater 10BA

Rose Stitch 11JAW


congratulations to:

Charlotte Grant 10BA

The first student this

year to gain


An impressive

250 merits!

Special Achievement Awards:

Celebrating our students for good work and duties to the Academy.

Thank you and congratulations!


Resource Centre News

Chess Challenge:

It’s that time of year again when we

enter the UK Schools Chess Challenge.

Matches will be starting after Christmas, and those students who score

15 or more points will go through to the next round, (usually) held at

Millfield School at the end of May.

Anyone interested in playing will need to sign up on the sheet in the LRC.

We currently have about 50 students playing chess in here at lunchtime,

so I am hoping for a lot of entries!

Overdue Books:

I had the suggestion from a parent that I also send an email to parents

when I send reminders to students about overdue books, and after some

work on our system, I can do this. So some of you will already have re-

ceived an email saying your son/daughter has an overdue book.

If this happens, I would be very grateful if you would encourage your

child to come and see me: either to return the book, or renew it.

If they don’t want to hand me the book in person, there is a big box at the

end of the counter in which they can return it.

I promise I won’t shout at them for late books, nor is there a fine!

If they need more time to find the book, I can arrange that as well.


There is no excuse for getting a detention

for not doing your homework. We have 39

computers available every break and

lunchtime, from 8.20am before school on

Tuesday to Friday, and for 15-30 minutes

after school on Monday to Friday.

Computers can be booked for lunchtimes if

you know you need one.

So, don’t get a detention, come and do your

homework in the LRC!

Thank you Mrs Knutson, LRC Manager