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16 Year 10 students became published poets this year

when their competition entries were chosen to be print-

ed in the Young Writers ‘Spine Chillers’ anthology.

Students had to write a spooky tale using just 100



The fire blazed ferociously. I felt the warmth on my face. Gone. My love, gone.

I wanted to run but I was frozen. As I stared at my trembling fingers, something

dark shot past me in the gloom. Swiftly, I glanced up, wiping my eyes. I

stepped lightly over the shattered stain glass windows, ensuring not to cut my-

self. I couldn't bear to pass his burning body. Firefighters rushed past me, al-

most pushing my limp body to the floor. That’s when I saw it. I found the dark

figure. She smirked. Suddenly, she disappeared. No trace left behind.


A darkness descended upon the forest, tall trees blocked out the moon’s light.

My footsteps seemed deafening in that unbreakable silence. Suddenly, a mind-

breaking, inhuman scream ripped through the air like a bullet through soft sin-

ews. Spinning around, looking further down the path I’d walked…. I saw it. The

darkness. Such a being whose mere presence would rend your mind in two. I

ran. The fear consumed me. Heart pounding, I sprinted, fuelled by adrenaline.

But it wasn't enough. I had me, like the thousands before me. Another scream-

ing voice, lost in the dark.


The flickering of a light awakens me from my deep slumber. Sitting up, my

drowsy eyes settle on the hollow doorway lying before me. The sudden

crackle of thunder snaps me out of my trance. Where am I? Theres a man in

the doorway; his pale figure uneases me. Yet, I find myself following him

though the abandoned asylum. Cold, red blood cascades from his translu-

cent hair. Not just his complexion scares me, but the blank smile that seems

plastered to his dead face. Abruptly, he stops moving, his hand rotating

round in an abnormal way. ‘Welcome back’ he utters.