Who's Who

Academy Leadership Group

Executive Headteacher

Mr G Ball

Deputy Headteachers

Mr J Edwards (Progress and Performance)

Miss G Hunt (Welfare and Inclusion)

Assistant Headteachers

Miss R Hopwood (Sixth Form)

Ms S Hobbs (Continuing Professional Learning)


Mr K Perry (Finance and Premises)


Chair of Governors

Mr B Kirkup

Vice Chair of Governors

Mr R Oliver

Year Leaders

Year 9

Mrs K Lowis

Year 10

Mrs K Gray

Year 11

Mr T James

Head of Sixth Form

Miss R Hopwood

Senior Sixth Form Tutor

Ms S Knightley (on maternity leave)

Miss R Wright

Art, Photography, & Textiles

Ms R Weaving - Subject Leader

Mrs C Gale - Textiles

Miss M Hasemore - Photography

Ms S Hobbs

Business Studies

Mrs J Wilson - Subject Leader

Miss R Hoddinott

Miss A Williams

Design Technology

Mr J Batchelor - Subject Leader

Miss A Beacham

Mr K Holmes

Performing Arts

Miss E Hall - Subject Leader

Mrs G MacDonald (on maternity leave)


Ms P Anderson - Subject Leader

Miss I Anderson

Miss N Ashurst

Miss L Badman

Miss N Derewicz

Mrs K Egan

Mrs C Jarvis

Ms S Knightley (on maternity leave)

Mr D Raeburn

Mrs T Roderick

Mrs R Shirley


Mrs K Armitstead - Subject Leader

Mrs S Almond

Miss G Killingbeck

Mr N Putman


Mrs F Shorrock - Subject Leader

Mr J Edwards

Miss G White

History and Sociology

Mrs E Read

ICT & Computer Science

Mrs S Nethercote - Subject Leader

Mr O McCarthy


Miss G Rebello - German - Languages Subject Leader

Miss C Baude - French

Mr A Sage - French & German

Miss R Wright - French

Learning Supervisors

Mrs K Browne

Mr O Caton

Mr M Rigg

Learning Support

Miss Z Boulton - Subject Leader

Miss L Bonell

Mrs K Creswick

Miss L Evans

Mrs L Fairchild

Miss K Jones

Miss R Maxwell (on maternity leave)

Mrs M Treharne

Miss H Watson


Miss V Ward - Subject Leader

Mr S Baycroft

Mrs J Darley

Dr C Fowler

Mr G Gomez

Mr T Powell

Mr S Seddon

Mr J Wall

Mr D White


Ms S Righton - Subject Leader

Physical Education

Mr C Bennett - Subject Leader

Mrs K Gray

Miss G Hunt

Miss R Manley

Mr S Osgood

Mrs T Tibbs

PSHE/Citizenship Team

Miss G White - Subject Leader

Psychology Subject Team

Mrs J Baines - Subject Leader

Religious Education & Critical Thinking Subject Team

Mrs L Jory - Subject Leader

Mrs K Lowis

Ms A Short

Science Subject Team

Mrs B Riddick - Science Subject Leader & Subject Leader for Chemistry

Miss R Hopwood - Chemistry

Mr D Webber - Chemistry

Mr L Davies - Subject Leader for Biology

Dr D Balaska - Biology (on maternity leave)

Mrs N. Blower - Biology (Maternity cover for Dr Balaska)

Miss L Meldon - Biology

Mrs L Tincknell - Subject Leader for Physics

Dr R Hewitt - Physics

Mr T James - Physics

Mr T Smith - Physics

The 2018 Who's Who Guide contains details of all staff at the school