Student Blog by Rory, The Kings and Queens News Team - Friday 28 April 2017

Busy weeks ahead and this was no different. The week began relatively well with the stress of exams looming; but with regular revision they are not as daunting as before.

I was already looking forward to my "Showstopper" practical on Wednesday in Food Technology. After much deliberating I decided on Pork and Chive Dim Sum with a Prawn and Mango Thai Curry. Before I knew it I was getting my apron and chopping board, it was a nice break from revision and gives you some breathing space. Looking around the room you could see an eclectic mix of cultures being merged together to form great cuisine. The smells that spread around the school are indescribable. A feast for the nose, as well as mouth.

After that nice break I got back into the swing of past papers and silence, I suppose it's all worth it in the end. I wish all our A Level students the best of luck with their exams next week, and GCSE students the week after.

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