Student Blog by Miriam, The Kings and Queens News Team - Friday 9 February 2017

Abruptly the alarm rang, awakening me from my peaceful slumber as it reverberated throughout the room. Another Monday had arrived, bringing with it the beginning of a new week, with new challenges and new decisions.

Deep thought absorbed the mind in our morning studies. Reviewing words and their many translations in our French linguistics lesson. Then contemplating the dangers of electricity in Physics, including the importance of plug pathways and the indisputable significance of safety when considering these matters. Drifting off to the far corners of the earth in Geography we metaphorically travelled to tourist destinations, and pondered the everlasting effects and processes of erosion and prevention. Time swiftly ticked by, transporting us into the post meridiem, where we investigated numbers and their transformations in Mathematics, and latterly traversed the finance world during Business Studies.

Tuesday's sun emerged and the day commenced with further studies of Mathematics. Then came the finalisation of our artistic prints, informed by our differing perceptions of the theme 'Collections' during our period of creative endeavour. Later, we took a historical expedition back to the time of our ancestors and imagined the buried troubles of those living in Whitechapel during the psychopathic existence of 'Jack the Ripper'. Subsequently, we examined the works of prior and present poets in English, listening to many varying voices chanting their own words of 'Conflict and Power'. With little time remaining, the day finally departed and dissipated into memory.

So it was that a further day came and went like witnessing a dainty kite flying across skies in childhood, it was lost amongst the haze of yet more days. However, Thursday was memorable for it was the day many apprehensive and tense students were to present their Achievement Projects. History; Citizenship; Mathematics; English and Religious Education were the scheduled lessons for the day, which soon led the way to Friday.

Complicated concepts and exigent equations were taught in Physics, the first lesson of the morning. In English the significance of human life and how it is measured and recorded was considered. The capacity to feel powerlessness; the inevitability of change; death and loss, through the generations are themes explored in the poem 'Tissue' by Imtiaz Dharker. During Geography the subtopic of river management was concluded before our final examination on physical landscapes in the UK. Strenuous sporting activities followed in Physical Education. For the last lesson of the term biological matters were the focus of attention, attempting to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of all living organisms.

Passing time had ushered us to the ultimate moments of another school term, gently tugging us into the future, where we were to reside in the pleasant recreation of our much deserved week's break. I already wonder what the next term will yield...

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