The Enrichment Blog - w/e Friday 13 October 2017

Another enriching week at Kings!

Time for some news about the exciting enrichment activities taking place this week!

Debate Club on Monday lunchtime.

There was an interesting musical debate this week about how modern chart music all sounds the same (so true!).

The winning side thought it did all sound the same, because modern chart music is mainly all pop and argued that there’s not enough variety of genres in the charts today.

All the debaters were very well informed about the music of the 70s and 80s, and thought that there was a wider variety back then.

To find out more see Miss Egan!

STEM Club on Monday lunchtime.

This week our Scientists made a lava lamp out of cooking oil, water, food colouring and a soluble vitamin tablet.

Next week in honour of Hurricane Ophelia they will be building a tornado in a bottle!

To find out more see Mr Smith!

Design Technology 3D Printing on Monday lunchtime.

Students continue to learn how to use a new piece of browser-based software called Vectary to create 3D models. Their first induction object of a mug is now well underway and will help them to understand the basic modelling features of the CAD program.

To find out more see Mr Holmes!

Year 12 Latin Club on Tuesday lunchtime.

This new club started this week to dissect and take pleasure in the origins of language and which will really benefit our students of French. Carpe diem!

To find out more see M. Sage! 

Maths Club on Wednesday after school.

This week the Mathematicians were trying to calculate and prove algebraically the ratio of “A” size paper.

To find out more see Mr Wall! 

The Kings and Queens News Team on Thursday lunchtime.

This week Poppy led the Spotlight on the News story looking at an article from Time magazine about the building of a colony in Dubai as part of bigger ambitious plans to build one on Planet Mars in 2117. They also looked at the triangle structure of how to write a news report with a report on the horizon about the next club in fact...

To find out more see Ms Owens! 

Big Pitch on Friday lunchtime.

The Big Pitch competition started again this week with a high number of applications now received as the enterprising young entrepreneurs embark on the quest to see who will be the most successful business enterprise.

Music Clubs throughout the week.

Brass Band on Monday lunchtime

Big Band on Tuesday lunchtime

Big Choir on Wednesday lunchtime

Orchestra on Thursday lunchtime

Chamber Choir on Friday lunchtime

There is so much enrichment music going on for students to participate!

A note for us all to be near the Music Department at lunchtimes to listen in!

To find out more see Ms Righton! 

Chess Clubs every lunchtime.

Chess taking place every lunchtime for the students.

To find out more see Mrs Knutson! 

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