The Enrichment Blog - Week ending 6 July 2018

Another enriching week at Kings!

Find out about some of the enrichment clubs and activities this week. ☆

Latin Club on Tuesday lunchtime.

Time to muse on the past tense - perfect and imperfect.
(Perfectus et imperfectus…!)

To find out more see Mr Sage! ☆

Engage on Wednesday lunchtime.

Engage is a fun, relaxed group of students happy to share life and explore faith together - and eat pizza together in the Sanctuary!

What luxury item would you take with you on a journey?
There were some predictable, and some surprising items we would rather not be without.

We looked at the story of the strange meal the people of Israel shared before their epic journey.
A time of reflection on the colour red concluded our time together, and we all left for the afternoon, from a place of peace.

To find out more see Mrs Alden! ☆

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