The Enrichment Blog - Monday 13 November 2017

Another enriching week at Kings!

See some of the activities taking place this week!
Remember to have a go, try something new or perfect an existing hobby! ☆

STEM Club on Monday lunchtime.

This week our Scientists were exploring the world of aerodynamics when they flight tested some advanced paper aeroplane designs.

To find out more see Mr Smith! ☆

Maths Club on Wednesday after school.

Our Mathematicians created stellated octahedrons out of paper. The Maths part was to try and calculate the ratio between one of the tetrahedrons and the octahedron at the centre.

To find out more see Mr Wall! ☆

The Kings and Queens News Team on Thursday lunchtime.

Niah led the Spotlight on the News feature with a story about a father who was so upset his autistic son was not invited to any birthday parties of his fellow classmates that he published online his letter. It clearly showed his strength of feeling that he chose to publish the letter to the world.

The journalists also watched a BBC clip about the Collin’s dictionary’s word of the year – FAKE NEWS.

To find out more see Ms Owens! ☆

Years 11-13 Reservoir KoWs Film Club on Friday lunchtime.

Our very own film critics are preparing to watch Polanski’s neo-noir classic next week to support A Level Film Studies students explicitly for the first time currently studying the film noir classic Double Indemnity (Billy Wilder 1944).

“Only the best film of all time” The Guardian/Observer)

Other film buffs are obviously welcome!

To find out more see Mr Raeburn! ☆

Green Team on Friday lunchtime.

The team are busy getting creative planning a wealth of activities to lead around school for Eco-Week scheduled from Monday 20 November 2017.

Christmas Cake Bake Off Club on Friday lunchtime.

Aprons and mixing bowls at the ready! The bakers met for the first time to start planning their showstopper cake to see who might top the Christmas cake charts.

To find out more see Miss Beacham! ☆

Music Clubs throughout the week.

There has been more music-making in the Music Department.

To find out more see Ms Righton! ☆

☆ Students in Years 13, 12, 10 and 9 have been taking part in the UK Beaver Computing Challenge.

This competition is supported by Oxford University and Google where students have 40 minutes to solve as many computational thinking problems using the skills they have been learning in their lessons.

It is a world-wide contest that takes place online, and is divided into elite, higher, senior and junior competitions. Competitors compete to complete as many challenges as possible within the time given in order to reach the maximum score of 200 points.

Results from the challenge will be available at the end of November.

So we hope for some top scores from our Kings’ cohort!

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