The Enrichment Blog - Monday 15 January 2018

Another enriching week at Kings!

Here are some of our enrichment activities for students this week! ☆

Photography Club on Tuesday lunchtime.

Students were focusing on the wonderful art of studio portraiture silhouettes and face painting.

To find out more see Ms Hasemore! ☆

STEM Club on Tuesday lunchtime.

Students were building rubber band cannons out of empty Pringles tins and water bottles before recreating trench warfare by firing screwed up tracing paper at each other over the desks.

To find out more see Mr Smith! ☆

Maths Club on Wednesday lunchtime.

Our intrepid Mathematicians were busy undertaking an open challenge from Cambridge University’s NRich site with some excellent work on the theoretical underpinnings of the problem. Two students discovered the same logic and then solved it completely and have submitted their solution and we await to see if their solution gets published on the site. For more information see the link here

To find out more see Mr Powell! ☆

The Kings and Queens News Team on Thursday lunchtime.

The team were testing their memories for the news quiz of 2017!
The budding journalists had questions for each month for the last year - with bonus questions to boot!

For June 2017, would you know:
In the General Election who was Boris Johnson describing as a “mutton-headed old mugwump”?
BONUS QUESTIONwhich children’s author used the phrase “mugwump”?
EXTRA BONUSin which book?

Unfortunately, they ran out of time so will be going through the answers at next week’s meeting!
See the PR notice board in the main corridor if you want to try the quiz yourself…

To find out more see Ms Owens! ☆

Music Clubs throughout the week.

Lots of music-making again!

To find out more see Ms Righton! ☆

Chess Clubs every lunchtime.

Students were testing their moves and strategies.

To find out more see Mrs Knutson! ☆

Also - from the end of last term, Years 12 and 13 Computing students enjoyed a talk from Sam Morley-Short (Teacher of R.E. Ms Short’s husband) on quantum computing and studying at university level. Mr Morley-Short impressed students about his research and taught the students some ‘basics’ (if that is even possible) of quantum computing and its applications. Thank you Mrs Nethercote! 

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