The Enrichment Blog - Week commencing 23 February 2018

Another enriching week at Kings!

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Debate Club on Monday lunchtime.

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“The Death Penalty should be abolished.”

An interesting debate ensued in which arguments for included: murder should not be punished with murder; there is the risk of executing someone who is innocent; human life should be respected and valued- there should be the chance for reform. The opposing team argued that those who choose to step out of the law and violate someone else’s right to life should not be protected by human rights. They argued the justice system is not working and harsher punishments are needed. They also said that the risk of sending an innocent person to execution would be minimal, but the chances of a guilty person reoffending are high.

At the end of the debate, both sides said it had been a worthwhile discussion. All students thought the death penalty should be abolished, but the UK penal system needed reform in order to be effective. So they clearly supported harsher punishment!

Engage on Monday lunchtime

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Students considered the cross, and cut out pictures from a variety of magazines of things they love.
They found their own cross shapes (it is amazing how many crosses can be seen on a bicycle by a cycling enthusiast), and even ate a rice cake into the shape of a cross.

They talked and ate together as usual, and listened together, reflecting on a song thanking Jesus for being willing to die an agonising death on a cross because he loves us so much and wanted us to be able to be in his kingdom with him.

The Kings and Queens News Team on Thursday lunchtime.

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With only a few weeks to go before the Big Day, the team were tasked with selecting their subject for this year’s BBC School Report on Thursday 15 March 2018.

They have chosen a local story close to their hearts on the proposed closure/re-working of Cheddar Library.
Make sure you are on the same page as them in a few weeks’ time!

Rotary Youth Speaks Competition!

A trio of Year 12 boys competed in the area final of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition on Saturday when they gave an exceptionally entertaining and polished performance; although unfortunately they did not go through to the next round.

Ben Hill was the speaker on the intriguing topic of ‘The Youngest Child,’ sharing personal anecdotes and facts about our birthplace reflecting our personality, and which was very well received.

Sam Kail-Dyke was chairperson and with his usual wit introduced his fellow teammates whilst keeping the proceedings moving. Third team member Jamie Harris gave a super summary, adding his own personal notes as the eldest child.

The team did an excellent job and were unlucky not to be selected for the next round and it must be said the standard from all the teams in the area final was superb.

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