The Enrichment Blog - Week ending 11 May 2018

Another enriching week at Kings!

Find out about some of the enrichment clubs and activities this week. ☆

Youth Alpha on Wednesday lunchtime.

The group talked about what inventions they would like to see to improve the world.
Our students have such creative ideas, which certainly reflected their interests in food, music and money!
They also talked about the ways they have seen God heal people, through the work of doctors and in direct answers to prayer. It was a very encouraging meeting.

This kind and flexible group of students are changing the meeting day (once again) in order to accommodate extra sessions and to include everyone who wants to be in the group.
So from next week they will be meeting on Tuesday lunchtimes in the Sanctuary and will be talking about the church – as well as enjoying one another’s company and pizza, of course.

To find out more see Mrs Alden! ☆

Parliamo Italiano Club on Friday lunchtime.

This was the inaugural session when the Italian aficionados learned some introductory phrases, including how to say my name (Mi chiamo…”) and some mood expressions (from “Sto felice” I am happy - to the less well tempered, I am angry “Sto arrabbiato/a”). They were amazed to find how many Italian words they already knew with a high number of Italian foodie favourites – from pesto and mozzarella to acqua minerale. The addition of biscotti and other Italian biscuit treats certainly helped the learning! Buon appetito!

To find out more see Mrs Brock! ☆

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