The Headteacher's Blog – Monday 18 March 2019

Mid-way through March now and in two weeks' time we will officially be British Summer Time! Remember to forward your watches and clocks an hour forward from 1am on Sunday 31 March 2019. I hope the longer days and lighter nights will keep us all cheered, especially with the exam season on the horizon. Teachers are working hard with Years 11 and 13 students to guide them in their revision plans and to maintain a calm and encouraging learning environment. It is now revision, revision, revision! After all, this is one of the big reasons why we are here as educators to prepare our young people for our globalised world; as well as our work to develop character and the whole child. A Kings' child.

We recently enjoyed English Week - and this week is SCIENCE WEEK AND STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) WEEK! Thank you in advance to the Science Department who have been plotting and planning some activities to stir students’ curiosity and delight in the STEM subjects. Today, our Year 13 Biologists are at @Bristol to experience "Wethecurious", exploring gene identification and amplification; whilst the following activities will be on offer in school this week (at lunchtimes from 1.30 to 2.00pm):

  • Tuesday - Dissection lunch (thank you Mr Davies)
  • Thursday - Flames and Fire (thank you Mr Smith)
  • Friday - Alan Turing Cryptography Challenge (thank you Mr Cammish)

Tutor groups will also be exploring various videoclips with a stimulating scientific theme to make students think beyond their normal classwork. For quiz fans, there is also a "Science Quiz" and on Friday for extended tutor time students can engage in an activity on the Science of Learning.

I would really encourage all students to participate in this special week: whether in one of the lunchtime events; or listening to the clips to learn something new. We can all benefit from thinking how Science determines so much of life as we know it – and so much that we have yet to discover.

There is lots of sport this week and thank you to the P.E. Department for their leadership. Football practice continues for Year 9 on Thursday and Year 10 on Friday and time to practise their skills on Thursday after school with various matches and including Fairlands and Hugh Sexey Middle Schools.

For the netballers, on Wednesday after school, Years 9 and 10 will be refining their skills with some Sports Academy coaching. Very exciting, some of our Years 9 and 10 netballers will be competing in the U15 netball State tournament in Bristol on Tuesday. Years 9, 10 and 11 will be putting their skills to the test in matches after school on Wednesday after school against The Blue and Wells Cathedral Schools. You will know by now that I am very competitive…So, go Team Kings, do your best and WIN! Still netballing, on Friday 15 Years 9 and 10 netball students are off to the University of Bath for a Netball Development Day with Miss Manley. This sounds big to me and I hope they really benefit and relish the challenge and experience. We greatly value all the many benefits of sport in encouraging fitness, healthy competition and teamwork – and more besides.

To the Arts now, and lots of performances this week. Tomorrow, Tuesday at the revised time of 6pm, our Year 12 Performing Arts are putting on a contemporary and historical play for their Unit 2 assessment for Sixth Form students (aged 16+)/adults due to some strong themes. I know our performers have been putting a lot of thought into the dynamics of the play. On Wednesday evening at 6pm it is the turn of the Cheddar Valley Music Club for a concert showcasing their music-making in the Main Hall. I thank band leader Anne Higgs for her (longstanding!) leadership and I wish all the musicians well as I am aware they have also been working hard in rehearsals. And then, on Thursday evening, some of our A Level Musicians are giving a concert by invitation of their assessment pieces. I know that their family, friends and some staff will be there to support them in this important milestone of their studies.

A quick diary plug now for the Mark Youth Theatre production of "Singin' in the Rain" at Strode Theatre. Performances are in a few weeks’ time on Thursday 28, Friday 29 and Saturday 30 March 2019 at 7.30pm and there is a matinée on the Saturday at 2.30pm. Tickets are £10/concessions £7. Available from Strode Theatre, online or via the Box Office on 01458 442846.

Continuing the theme of working with our community, on Sunday afternoon we will be delighted that the Rotary Youth Speaks competition is taking place here at Kings, with young people from across the area competing in the art of public speaking. I wish all the participants the very best and I appreciate they will all be busy practising this week in anticipation!

So, added to the normal business of working hard and enjoying our learning, it is very much a week of Science, sport and showtime!

Believe and succeed!

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