The Headteacher's Blog - Friday 21 September 2018

I have had lots of good reasons to muse on student excellence this week. Which, of course, is not unusual. But this week it has certainly been striking.

I was delighted to present two Headteacher Commendations for excellent work and effort in Science. HTCs are a special accolade and I don't give that many out! But I am always glad to do so and always enjoy meeting students who have been highlighted by staff for particular praise.

So, well done to Abby Walters in Year 11 for her fabulous History of the Periodic Table homework that combines her love of art with her love of Science. An intricate piece of work in ink and watercolours that outlines the three main scientists and why they were or were not successful. Abby's knowledge of isotopes is formidable! You can see her beautiful work on the Brilliant Page on the website.

Well done also to Jenson Downie in Year 9 for his question and answer work on plant and animal cells. Jenson enjoys practical subjects, and really enjoyed researching this subject on his iMac and discovering more about the structure of the cell wall. I also thank Subject Leader for Science/Chemistry Mrs Riddick and Teacher of Biology Mrs Meldon for bringing their work to my attention.

There was a buzz in the Gym today as some of our Year 13s displayed their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) work as the final stages in their project management journey. The standard of work was truly impressive and I believe worthy of university level. All the students were clearly enthused and had chosen subjects close to their hearts or that they intend to study at Higher Education. Mental Health, balloon manufacturing, Yellowstone Park, the construction of bridges and music and more. Intelligent use of facts and in-depth research. This was high level project work. Watch out for the full news story that will be appearing. An inspiration!

Finally today – but I am aware this is only a selection – Year 12 students Aiden Malik and Isaac McAndrew braved the Gabblers speech-off. How they managed to deliver their speech on "An Autumn Day" in a busy Kings Café with hungry chatting students is beyond me. But they did! And brilliantly too. Again, watch out for the report and announcements to follow of which one has been selected to represent Kings in this year's Gabblers competition. I am aware it will be a difficult decision.

So on this autumn day in mid-September - it is still blustery here in Cheddar, but the sun is now coming out in time for the weekend and I wish you all a lovely few days. Time with loved ones, to relax, reflect - and homework, of course!

Believe and succeed!

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