The Headteacher's Blog – Monday 20 May 2019

Suddenly we are the last week of this Summer Half Term. And I expect like me, you are thinking, that was quick! As you know this year's late Easter condensed the way the formation of this term, bringing the exams season into even sharper focus. But we are focused and on we go!

This is set to be a momentous week for a number of reasons. For Year 13, this will be their final week at Kings (forever!) before they start their study leave. Year 11 will also start their study leave from the end of this Friday (24 May 2019). BUT many will be returning to Kings in the Sixth Form next September. So, I like to think their Kings' educational career is not over yet!

Exams continue this week and a big proud thank you to students for getting into good routines and being so mature.
A Levels also start in earnest from today.

For Year 13, we will be holding our Ascension Day service on Thursday (23 May 2019) at St Andrew's Church when they will have opportunity to ascend the church tower, mirroring Jesus' ascension to heaven, as we wish our young people every success for their next steps. As part of this Victorian tradition brought to Kings in the 1880s, Year 9 students will also attend, marking the start of their educational career at Kings and will afterwards enjoy the edible treat in the vicarage gardens. I like these traditions and watching students walk to our local village church is a fond part of life at Kings. Watch out for the news stories on the website and social media to follow. Also, for the sake of good communication, we will operate Friday timings on Thursday to accommodate the service.

Then the following day, and on their final day at Kings, we will be celebrating Year 13 in their leavers' assembly followed by a BBQ on the field (weather permitting as always). I am hoping this will be a time for smiles and laughter and making happy memories as the year group will be all together for one of the last times. We will all be familiar that people like to say, "your school days are the best days of your life;" but after five years at Kings and for those who have been part of the Cheddar Valley System for the precious prior years, I hope there will be some heartfelt truth in this well-worn statement.

As Year 13 get ready to move on and focus on their exams and then their educational steps beyond, the outgoing Senior Student Team will effectively have handed over to their successors. Look out in Reception for their profiles to find out a bit more about them and for the scoop interview led by the Kings and Queens News Team.

This week, it is the turn of Year 9 to be in the exams hot seat. For some, I appreciate there will be some nervous anticipation; but I hope they will feel supported and encouraged as they experience this important exam practice that will stand them in good stead! Sometimes if you are worried about an event or a moment, if you can imagine yourself doing it, then it can ease any apprehension and doing it can bring a real sense of achievement and boost our resilience levels. After all, life is a bit of a test! So, I wish them calm, and may this be a time to concentrate and ultimately show off all their hard work and knowledge. For many this first week at Kings has been very successful and I hope fulfilling. Go for it Year 9! I would like to say a public thank you to those Year 12 students who have offered to stand in and help with scribing and reading in the exams. This is Kings all over. Kind, caring teamwork. It makes me feel very proud.

There are two parent information evenings this week. Today (or should I say, ce soir) for those students going on the French trip to Paris, there is a meeting at 5pm with Mademoiselle Baude and on Wednesday for Year 12 parents of Geography students going out on the fieldtrip there is a meeting also at 5pm. Both of which will be in the Main Hall.

This evening there is also Cheddar Arts film night in our Kings Theatre. For those of you who are Queen fans, they will be showing "Bohemian Rhapsody" at 7.30pm. For more information and tickets book see here).

This week also officially marks the final week in post of my PA Jude Owens who has given nearly 16 years’ service to Kings. With her responsibilities for PR, it has to be said that Jude is much more accustomed to writing about others (and supporting me!); but I know that she has greatly enjoyed her time at Kings and has learned so much. I thank her for her conscientious work. She will be handing over to her successor Becki Pearce during the first week of the new half term from Monday 3 to Friday 7 June 2019 and on behalf of us all, I look forward to welcoming Becki to Kings.

So, a week of transitions. But would you expect us to stand still at Kings?!

Believe and succeed!

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