Developing and growing our existing House System

As part of our commitment at The Kings of Wessex Academy to improving the pastoral and welfare services for our young people, we are making plans to develop and grow our existing House System within our pastoral system.

We believe and know from other schools who run a successful House system that young people thrive in a “small school” model, in which the Head of House becomes the mini-Headteacher.

We believe the House system will create more opportunities for student participation and competition; including more inter-House debating, more Performing Arts, more sports and much more besides.
We are also keen to create more opportunities for student leadership and student voice.

So, in order to strengthen our pastoral system we will have four Heads of House (Avalon, Camelot, Lyonesse and Tintagel) instead of the three current Heads of Year.
Sixth Formers will keep their House allegiance (but will remain as a separate Sixth Form entity) and we are keen that this allows further peer support from our lovely Sixth Form students as they engage with younger students within their House and provide role model aspiration and success for their younger peers.

As for timings, we are looking to move the current students into pastoral House groupings later this Summer Term (Term 6) ready for a fresh start to the new school year in September.

It is our wish to keep students with their current Tutor and tutor groups in order to maintain that positive relationship; which may inevitably mean that some students will need to move their House allegiance as the tutor group will form part of a House.

We are also creating more outside social areas for students, with each House having its own dedicated space for them to be together at social time.

This is clearly a big change for Kings. But we believe the benefits of the House system will outweigh the short term period of transition and we will be supporting our students throughout this important process.

So, in conclusion, we hope the benefits of the House system at Kings will provide students with a greater sense of belonging, more opportunities to participate and lead, and will foster a sense of student empowerment, pride, respect and enjoyment, leading to even greater character development.

We will be writing formally to our parents and sharing with students in assemblies next half term.

Lots of good things going on at Kings!

Executive Headteacher

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