The Headteacher's Proposals - Thursday 21 December 2017

Throughout this term, since I joined Kings in September, I have been information gathering as I observe current practices and operations.

I knew one thing for certain before I joined the Academy that I did not want to change. Kings has a very strong tradition of academic success and students make excellent progress here and I am pleased to pay tribute to my predecessor Chris Richardson, his Deputy Barbara Marshall and Assistant Headteacher Christian Hughes.

But I can also feel the energy and creativity of the next steps for the Academy to combine this academic success with the well-being of our young people.
I am energetic and creative too and I know that our modern world can be complex as we live in a globally competitive world that our students are very much part of; and yet which they also need to make sense.
I want our young people of the future to feel confident in their many varied abilities, to achieve their very best and to be polite and respectful citizens. But as well as that, I want them to be happy and content in themselves as individuals as they go out into the world and to take pride in who they are and what they stand for.

So to change.

From speaking with parents, students and staff, I am getting an understanding of the elements of Kings that we maybe could do that little bit better.
Near the top of my list is uniform. Parents tell me how they have battles about the correct black trousers, skirts and black school shoes and ties not done up... I feel like I am nagging, but I am not!
Yes, they are teenagers; but I want them to be smart, well presented teenagers who take pride in their presentation. These are invaluable life skills!

So to start this blog, a new uniform is on my change list.
There will be more to come as we keep speaking, listening and thinking.

Change for the better.

Gavin Ball

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