Wells Blue School (2) vs Year 9 Girls Hockey (1)

This was only Year 9’s second hockey match of the year and after a disappointing loss to Cripsin earlier in the season, they had everything to prove. Unfortunately saw us lose 2-1 to our rivals in the Blue School.

The game started with a push back. We started the game well and as a team we were quite strong both in attack and defence. However early in the match they got a short corner for the ball hitting a defender foot in the circle. Our defenders Sassi, Lily, Anna, Charlotte and our goal keeper Kaitlin fought hard to prevent them getting a goal. Kaitlin as goal keeper was able to get the ball away with a number of strong kicks. They came back at us relentlessly and continued to get 3 more short corners which then resulted in a long range shot and good goal.

At this point we really didn’t want to lose and continued to push forward. After half time we swapped some players over and this made a big difference. The forwards made a big impact, they linked up well together to get the ball into the D but Blue’s defence were very strong and continued to prevent us. Then we were given a short corner for a poor tackle by a Blues defender, Alice pushed the ball out for Sophie to receive then the rest of the attack including Lois, Erin and Amelie ran into the D to get the rebounds, we were close but it got cleared. Lois then had a long range shot which went through the defence giving us a well-deserved goal.

With about a minute left o the match we were attacking very well but suddenly one of the blues attackers intercepted the ball and ran down the pitch, our defence weren’t in position due to our last attacking drive, she passed to an open player and scored. Kaitlin who had made save after save unfortunately stumbled as the ball came to her and they scored. The final whistle went with us losing 2-1 to Wells Blue.

Team: Lois Tarr, Sophie Warren, Abi Campbell, Libby Tucker, Erin Watkins, Sassi Carrington, Amelie Lacassin, Anna Littlewood-Hillsdon, Kaitlin Pettitt, Alice Roy, Charlotte Watson, Lily Rigby, Tash Sweeting, Gina Camberidge and Leah Rialas

POM: Kaitlin Pettitt

Match Report by Sophie Warren

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