Year 10 Boys Rugby (34) vs Nailsea (17)

On Monday 13 November 2017, the Year 10 rugby team ,16 players strong, played a fixture against Nailsea away winning 34-17.
The team was ready play as they hadn't played a game in four weeks and despite that they have had a different team every single match except for 10 or 11 players who have played every match.

They started strong with their first try in the first 2 minutes scored by the centre George Walker.
They then went on to score another 2 tries one by Jacob Loveridge and another one by George Walker in which one he got a conversion.
Then just before half time Nailsea scored a try and converted it putting them on the leader board and that was half- time.

At the beginning of the second half Nailsea came back fighting and scored a try almost straight away. After this happened Kings realised that they needed to up their game. Not long after that Kings played an exceptional piece of play which resulted in the winger, Louie Cordery, scoring another try for Kings. As the game went on Nailsea scored another try. But Kings came back with aggression and scoring another try by the hand of George Walker. By this time there was only 10 minutes left on the clock and Kings felt determined to score another try before the end of the game. 2 minutes had passed and a player from Nailsea committed a high tackled which resulted in him being sin binned for 10 minutes. Kings took advantage of this and played incredibly for another 5 minutes keeping possession. A fairly new rugby player Aiden Frayne got the ball and ran through 4 players one of which did an extremely dangerous high tackle which resulted in a penalty and Aiden getting his first points ever on the board. Sadly the tackle on Aiden resulted in him having to come off. With one minute left Kings received the ball off of the kick and tried to score another try on the but sadly Kings were taken in to touch just by the try line to finish off the game.
The final score was Kings with 6 tries, 2 of which were converted and Nailsea with 3 tries, 1 of which was converted.

The team (16):Adam Stimpson (Captain), Kai Knight (Pack Leader), Mitch Simpson, Jake Loveridge,Lennon Slater, Harvey Godwin,Andrew Biffin, George Biffin George Walker (Man of the Match), Jack Gillet, Aiden Frayne, Ethan Williams,Chae Selstrom, Louie Cordery,Cameron Richards, Will Crocker.

Match Report: Kai Knight

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