Year 10 Boys Rugby (14) vs Wells Blue (14)

A friendly match against Wells Blue was played on Thursday the 16th. The score resulted in a nail bitingly close draw of 14 all. We started well and controlled the game solidly from the beginning, we were the first to score with an excellent run from Andrew Biffin who scored his first try this season. We held by the Wells Blues defence and pushed them back up the pitch. Part way into the half we made our first substitution with Jacob swapped out for an injured Aiden 10 minutes in. We had strong attacking play throughout the first half which meant we went into the second half with the lead after George Walker added to Kings earlier converted try with a well worked try himself. Wells Blue came back fighting hard, two tries down and brought the score back up to 14 all. In the last few minutes of the game we were so close to another try but some amazing defending by one of the Wellls Blues players prevented us scoring, he then came up with another excellent tackle to again stop Kings from taking the win in the last minutes of the game, saving his team twice in 5 minutes. We had one final attack but the game had ended just before we were able to cross the try line.

The team (16):Andrew Biffin, George Biffin, Jacob Loveridge, Aiden Frayne, George Walker (Person of the Match), Chae Sellstrom, Scott Gregory, Kai Knight, Jack Guillet, Will Crocker, Lennon Slater, Adam Stimpson, Mitchell Simpson, Louie Cordery, Harvey Godwin, Cameron Richards.

POM: George Walker

Match Report: Jacob Loveridge

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