Year 9 (12 ½) vs Frome (10 ½)

Year 9 had their first Rounders match of the year against Frome. We had a number of girls drop out in the last minute with some of the girls standing in at the last minute to make sure we could play the match. We travelled to Frome in the glorious sunshine and after getting extremely lost found the Rounders field. We started by batting, we had a strong and steady round of batting with everyone getting some points. We finished the batting round with a solid 6 ½ points. Then it was our fielding turn, Gina showed some great bowling and put the pressure on Frome. Hali stepped in as backstop linking to Grace on 1st base. They managed to work together really well considering some hadn’t played together at all. They held Frome to only 5 Rounders. Our second batting turn was equally as successful with some great running from Beth scoring a rounder. Finishing with another 6 Rounders with Frome copied some of our fielding tactics, then the swap. When we went back into the field we were determined to hold them back as much as possible. Erin made 2 fantastic catches to get 2 batters out in the first round. It got really close but the girls held strong keeping them to only 10 ½ rounders, winning by 2 rounders.

Team Sheet
1. Grace Richardson
2. Grace Johnson
3. Hali Crandon-Hormann
4. Bethany Thomas
5. Gina Cumberlidge
6. Amelie Lacassin
7. Isla Gardner
8. Erin Watkins (Player of the Match)
9. Libby Tucker

Match Report: Miss Manley