Year 9 Netball vs Blue School

On Wednesday 6th March the Year 9 girls netball team travelled to Wells to take on the Blue School. The game started very even both teams having equal chances, the quarter time score only 4-2 to Blue. There was an early injury to a Wells Blue player that saw her unable to continue, we managed to draw the game level but then Kings were the ones left distracted and found it hard to get the quarter going. They went into half time 7-4 down to Blue. The next half saw the girls working tirelessly to intercept the ball but troubles in the shooting circle meant they couldn’t get the goals in. They finished the game 18-9. The player of the match went to Rhiannon Kelley for her excellent performance at WA and C.

  • 1. Sajda Idris
  • 2. Mia Johnson
  • 3. Rhiannon Kelley
  • 4. Olivia Tutill ©
  • 5. Ella Hodgson
  • 6. Ellen Campbell
  • 7. Isabelle Clarke
  • 8. Ruby Cahill