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24 July 2017


As part of his retirement celebration and reflections on nearly 23 years of headship, Sam Kail-Dyke and Joe Maggs of The Kings and Queens News Team interviewed Executive Headteacher Mr Richardson for the final Headteacher Questions and this is what they found out. 1) How are you feeling about retirement? It’s fair to say that I’m feeling somewhat apprehensive about my retirement! Whilst I’m looking forward to it, I’m sad that I’m going to be leaving behind such a good school with good people. Also, I’ve been in education since I was five years old; so I feel somewhat ill-equipped to face the world of retirement! 2) What are your plans for retirement? I think life is a finite journey, and it’s a realisation that I have lots of things that...

24 July 2017


The Kings of Wessex Academy marked the end of term with the traditional Achievement Assembly outside at the front of the Academy. The weather stayed cloudy, but fine; even if the wind blowing on the microphone occasionally sounded like rumbling thunder. Students were awarded awards for Special Achievements, the subjects and the best tutee, as well as special tutor group awards for the best attendance, resilience, and the fewest behaviour points, Headteacher commendations, Duke of Edinburgh and sports awards with House Tintagel the overall winner for the year. But this year’s assembly was exceptional as it marked the end of an era as Executive Headteacher Mr Chris Richardson and his Deputy Mrs Barbara Marshall are both retiring this summer. After nearly 17 years in...

24 July 2017


Time can be restless in anticipation. This was never more so than on the day of Friday 14 July 2017, when 50 students from Years 9 and 10 eagerly awaited their ‘Rewards Afternoon’, which recognised those students who had made a notable contribution to the school throughout the year and also demonstrated excellent behaviour and attendance. The event was organised by the respective Heads of Year, Mrs Gray and Mr James, and it was with great consideration and deliberation that students were selected for this special occasion that was to be cherished by all who attended. The enthusiastic consumption of barbecue hot dogs got proceedings underway on the school field. Many leisure activities then followed: dustbin bag fashion creation; board games that entertained and...

23 July 2017


As part of Design Technology week on the penultimate Tuesday of term (11 July 2017) all Year 10 Product Design students enjoyed an insight into the world of internationally renowned Aardman Animations. Famous for Wallace and Gromit and a number of quirky, entertaining films, such as “The Wrong Trousers,” “Chicken Run” and the hilarious Creature Comforts on television; Aardman model-maker Jim - a jolly character who could easily appear himself as a character in one of their films - led workshops and tasked students with making a miniature Shaun the Sheep, using black and white clay and cocktail sticks as support. Jim guided students through the ten top steps, including, listening carefully (of course!), keeping the clay clean and tips to get the eyes in proportion and the...

18 July 2017


As the end of term draws near, Year 10 student Jemma Matthews has an extra reason to be pleased with her achievements after she was announced the winner of the 2017 Rotary Young Chef competition last week. Jemma and nine other aspiring chefs competed on Wednesday 12 July 2017 to devise a two course meal of their own concoction within a budget of £15 that would taste and be presented in the most appetising way, all within two and a half hours. Jemma opted for a Chinese theme and made a starter and main course of sticky belly pork with homemade noodles and spring rolls and a sweet and sour sauce. Jemma really set herself a challenge, as whilst her Mum and Dad sometimes like a Chinese takeaway at home, Jemma does not usually cook Chinese. She prefers pasta dishes, or if she...