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08 December 2017


Year 12 students took a diversion from lessons last half term to spend a morning learning key skills related to driving. The fortunate students had the opportunity to get involved with lots of exciting activities; including, wearing beer goggles, a driving simulator, practice theory tests, and driving experience. To be quite clear, the beer goggles gave the students the ability to see how alcohol affects how they see, which shocked many of them as it was scary to see how it really affected their vision and could be dangerous if driving. Many students also had the chance to try out the state-of-the-art driving simulator equipment brought along by Somerset Road Safety and used the simulator to see their stopping distance; and the equipment was also able to break down thinking and breaking distance. Many students were similarly shocked by this as it was much higher than they expected. The driving experience, which was the highlight for many, allowed students to have an experience driving a real car under the instruction of a real driving instructor. After many jolts and stalls, virtually everyone managed to drive smoothly around the tennis courts. This...... more

08 December 2017


The start of another school year, brings in the next wave of potential to pass through. Once our Year 9 students had settled in for roughly a month, it became time to unveil the first big challenge in the first stage of Kings life - The Big Pitch competition. This is where the new Year 9 students get to spread their wings from the Middle School and push themselves, and their intuition and planning skills, as far as it will carry them into the wide world of business, and then compete with one another to present their entrepreneurial endeavours to a panel of experts, the Rotary Club of Mendip, who also attend the meetings to offer a helping hand to the candidates throughout the process in how to set up their businesses. As the winner of the competition two years ago, (which still feels like yesterday!), where I can, I have been involved in mentoring and preparing the hopefuls for what is to come, from the previous experience of the process I have gained. Along with the unprecedented hard work and dedication of the Business Team, we can safely say this year holds a great deal of potential. From foam darts to hot chocolates, there were 18 teams took to the...... more

04 December 2017


Following their success in the recent Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge a number of Computer Studies students at The Kings of Wessex Academy could have been worthy applicants for a post at Bletchley Park, the home of the secret World War II code-breakers. The Bebras challenges are a set of short problems called Bebras tasks delivered online that students sat at the Academy. The tasks are designed to be fun, engaging and based on problems that Computer Scientists often meet and enjoy solving, which were of increasing difficulty, but can be solved without prior knowledge. The students’ mission was to solve as many tasks as possible under timed conditions. Over 40,000 students took part across the country, of which 92 were Kings’ students who enjoyed some very impressive results. Over 30 students secured a Distinction award, placing them in the top 25% in the country for the competition and another 32 secured a Merit, placing them in the top 50% for their category. A very well done to the following students who were the top in their year groups:

  • Year 9 – Seth Delap and Thomas Vallance (Distinction)
  • Year 10 – Amelia Ford...... more

01 December 2017


Head Boy Archit Singhal and three of his Deputies, Frank Floyd, Bill Landers and James Leader attended a recent News Team press conference to find out more about this year’s forthcoming Charities Week.<> As everyone at Kings holds their breath for the extravaganza week of exciting events; of course, the number one question the press pack want to know is, Are they ready? After plotting and planning and now standing by to host the week, have the Senior Student Team done enough prep? Are they raring to go? The answer was a momentous YES! Although the fab four confess they might not be quite there; they’re as ready as they can be at this stage. And let’s be honest, this is their Charities Week organisers’ début. Until this year, they’ve been in the audience watching previous host Senior Teams racing round and overseeing all those fine details we’re never really aware of, unless you’ve got inside information. As part of the hype they’re launching the official Charities Week video in assemblies to the other year groups. That should really start the conversation. Any hints about special features? Easter eggs. Less than a month before Christmas? The...... more

29 November 2017


Year 11 student Charlotte Grant recently scooped up third prize in the Richard Huish College ‘Brunner Prize’ creative writing competition with her story on the theme of idioms. Charlotte’s ghost story of up to 1500 words was based on the old saying, “A Thorn in the Flesh,” about a woman who kills her husband (it’s only fiction!). But the reader only discovers the truth in the final sentence when the woman reveals a blade in the fold of her skirt. A great reader herself, Charlotte enjoys reading all fiction and in particular from Victorian times, and her Granddad has a library at his house stocked with this captivating storytelling genre. Despite her love of fiction by the Brontë sisters, Charlotte claims it is a happy coincidence that she and her sister Emily both share two of the names of the famous Victorian writing trio who famously sold their stories to publishers under the guise of the androgynous fictionalised names, Acton, Currer and Ellis. Charlotte finds it relatively easy to write, together with the editing process, and she intends to study English Language and Literature at A Level in Kings’ Sixth Form next year. Beyond school,...... more