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17 November 2017


Year 12 Business Studies students were on the money when they visited The Royal Mint yesterday (Thursday 16 November 2017) to see how all the coins and many of the foreign currencies are manufactured in this high security showcase of cash. Since 1971, The Royal Mint has been based in Cardiff, having moved from Tower Hill London under the direction of former Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jim Callahan. From Alfred the Great’s Penny, to the coinage of today, the stunning exhibition took students back in time, tracing the history of decimalisation and the relentless battle against fraud. The tour started with a brief history of the first coins with the Great Penny ‘LVNDONIA’ c.880AD. The most famous coins were those commissioned under Henry VIIs reign, with the introduction of The Gold Sovereign. Following the factory tour (behind very thick panes of glass, of course!), students had the exciting opportunity of ‘punching’ their own 50 pence commemorative coin, untouched until that point by human hand. The next part of the trip was a short journey to the Principality Stadium, home of Welsh Rugby, where students went behind the scenes of this amazing...... more

16 November 2017


The HE+ Project is a scheme from the University of Cambridge, which helps students from State Schools prepare for applying for university. Last Friday (10 November 2017), students from other Schools with Sixth Forms from around Somerset met at The Kings of Wessex Academy. Every student was deliberately split into several different groups, in order to mix with other Year 12 students from around Somerset. After a quick introduction from Laura Bass (HE+ Coordinator for the University of Cambridge), each group was set several tasks including a ‘Thinking Skills Assessment’, a test used to analyse critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Plus, an essay question, all of which had to be completed within 90 minutes by each group. Off we went, after each member in the group had introduced themselves, the tasks were instantly shared, with the best English students tackling the essay and the others attacking the Thinking Skills Test. Surprisingly, the Thinking Skills questions were hugely varied from mathematical conundrums to strange questions regarding law cases. All of which required huge mental thought and concentration, so when lunch arrived it felt very well...... more

14 November 2017


Imogen was part of the group of 35 very fortunate Years 10 and 11 Computing and ICT students who crossed the pond right at the end of last half term to participate in the exciting trip to San Francisco on the west coast of America. You can read here now Imogen’s breathless report of the extensive visit and feel as if you were there with them... <> Well, what a week it was. Early starts, late nights and a lot of fun in the sun. The 2017 San Francisco trip was packed full of museum visits, picturesque scenery and jolly tour guides – including the new, but very avid tour guide, Ms Short (Teacher of R.E.). On Thursday 19 October 2017, 38 tired, but excited students and teachers arrived at school at 5:15am awaiting the long day ahead. After a three-hour bus journey to Heathrow Airport, getting through security and a quick breakfast, everyone was ready for the 11-hour flight ahead. Following 11 hours of movies, turbulence and delicious plane food we finally arrived in San Francisco at 2pm, because of the wonderfully useful eight-hour time difference. Warm, sunny and bright, San Francisco did not disappoint. Another short bus journey led us to the Hostelling...... more

13 November 2017


Students at The Kings of Wessex Academy remembered the fallen when they attended the Remembrance Day services at St Andrew’s Church last week. Current Subject Leader for History Mrs Shorrock introduced her predecessor Mr Adrian Targett who has been leading the services for over 30 years who explained it was “our solemn and holy duty” to remember those who gave their lives. A great historian himself, Mr Targett explained this year marks the centenary anniversary of the third battle of Ypres on 31 July 1917, more often known as Passchendaele, when the Allies sought to capture and control the high ground of this village on top of a hill with a view to winning the war. With quotations from soldiers’ letters and war poetry, Mr Targett painted a picture of unthinkable suffering, as many met their death by drowning in the mud as the drainage and ditches were destroyed, as well as from “the constant shelling”. Mr Targett shared the shocking facts of the 250,000 who died that day and the catastrophic fact of war that the number of Allies and Germans deaths were identical. Head Girl and Boy Flo Rice and Archit Singhal and Deputy Head Boy Jack Wagstaff movingly...... more

12 November 2017


Year 11 had an eventful trip to London to see one of their set texts brought life. You can read Isaac’s evocative review now. Evan Placey’s “radical” re-imagining of Jekyll and Hyde at London’s Ambassadors Theatre is a thought-provoking, cleverly scripted, slightly confusing masterpiece that conveys how a woman’s struggle carries on in today’s society. The plot itself takes us down a different route to the original novel, in some ways quite drastically so. It was enjoyably serious at moments; but at the same time held an element of humour that in itself is to be praised, as it is extremely hard to include humour in such a gothic, and serious play that deals with quite disturbing elements of the human mind. The play also slots into the context of the Victorian society, due to the fact that the main character is a woman, which makes for an interesting experience as we watch her struggle in a patriarchal society. The stage, props and costumes were all done to perfection. The lighting really reflected the mood of the characters we see in the play, whilst the costumes were truly Victorian in every way. The props moved around the stage on...... more