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Students think about Autism

16th May, 2017 by Jude Owens

Three student duos put their creative ideas to good use when their poster and leaflet designs were chosen as the top three for World Autism Awareness Week organised by The National Autistic Society last month.

During extended tutor times students learned more about autism and how it affects people as a spectrum disorder and what it is like to live with autism and they were enlightened to discover how many famous people have the condition.

At the end of the week students had opportunity to design posters and leaflets incorporating a definition of autism, facts and statistics, how it affects people, why it is important to understand autism and how people can be supported.

Well done to Becca Meldon and Thea Scott, Ella Kelly and Aimee Wilson, and Ryan Abraham and George Rigg for their winning designs. The students said the exercise made them think and understand that autism is a very broad spectrum, and not to prejudge autistic people, and helped them to consider perspective as they sought to balance their bright, colourful designs with these important messages.

SENCO Miss Boulton praised all the students for thinking sensitively and maturely about autism and for their reflective and effective designs.