News from The Kings of Wessex Academy

Students enjoy Sixth Form Taster Day

6th July, 2017 by Sam K-D

Just when Year 11 thought they were free from coming into school for the foreseeable future - at least until September - many came back in especially for a taste of what it will be like next year - as Sixth Formers.

The first half of the day gave everyone a taste of their chosen subjects (and free periods!) allowing them to meet their classmates and get a real feel for what they were in for. For many it just confirmed the already overflowing excitement they had for their AS/A Level courses, and for those whom it did not, it helped them to choose something they were really passionate about before coming back in September. With many Year 11s’ brains still in gear from exams, reading sources and interpreting music seemed very natural, and helped relieve fears of the jump between GCSE and A Level.

In the afternoon (after a delicious buffet lunch provided by the Kings Café) it was the moment everyone had been waiting for - the announcements of tutor groups. Students had already submitted friendship groups to staff so that groups could be put together that would work for everyone; but the feeling of anticipation was still palpable as the official lists were read out.

Everyone seemed more than ecstatic with the final groupings and ready for an afternoon with their new tutors, running around the site like mad things completing team building activities (in 30 degree heat!!). All competitions were ultimately completed in an attempt to win the 'Chalice of Cheese' for the best tutor group. If the longing for victory was not great enough among students, then it was certainly running high among staff!

After all the excitement of the day, students left feeling a little more mature, and a little more prepared for life at A Level; and even if a little worn out and hot – still raring to go!