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The World of Aardman Animation

23rd July, 2017 by Jude Owens

As part of Design Technology week on the penultimate Tuesday of term (11 July 2017) all Year 10 Product Design students enjoyed an insight into the world of internationally renowned Aardman Animations.

Famous for Wallace and Gromit and a number of quirky, entertaining films, such as “The Wrong Trousers,” “Chicken Run” and the hilarious Creature Comforts on television; Aardman model-maker Jim - a jolly character who could easily appear himself as a character in one of their films - led workshops and tasked students with making a miniature Shaun the Sheep, using black and white clay and cocktail sticks as support. Jim guided students through the ten top steps, including, listening carefully (of course!), keeping the clay clean and tips to get the eyes in proportion and the correct size.

Jim also spoke to Year 9 students in assembly about animation and the many films Aardman have produced and described all the thousands of different movements to create the animations and encouraged students to create their own animations using a special filming app, given anyone can produce their own movies now with tablet technology.

The students really enjoyed this high profile visitor, who began locally in Bristol and discovering more about animation. Indeed, by the end of the workshop some students were even considering a career in animation and film.

Teacher of Design Technology Arabella Beacham thanked Jim from Aardman Animations for inspiring students in this fascinating element of design.