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Year 11 English Theatre Trip to the Ambassadors Theatre, London

12th November, 2017 by Isaac, The Kings and Queens News Team

Year 11 had an eventful trip to London to see one of their set texts brought life.

You can read Isaac’s evocative review now.

Evan Placey’s “radical” re-imagining of Jekyll and Hyde at London’s Ambassadors Theatre is a thought-provoking, cleverly scripted, slightly confusing masterpiece that conveys how a woman’s struggle carries on in today’s society.

The plot itself takes us down a different route to the original novel, in some ways quite drastically so. It was enjoyably serious at moments; but at the same time held an element of humour that in itself is to be praised, as it is extremely hard to include humour in such a gothic, and serious play that deals with quite disturbing elements of the human mind. The play also slots into the context of the Victorian society, due to the fact that the main character is a woman, which makes for an interesting experience as we watch her struggle in a patriarchal society.

The stage, props and costumes were all done to perfection. The lighting really reflected the mood of the characters we see in the play, whilst the costumes were truly Victorian in every way. The props moved around the stage on wheels, allowing for a new environment to be made within minutes, which did not hamper the ability of the actors to create the environment they were supposed to be in. At times, you really did believe that you were in a busy Victoria London street.

The cast were brilliant. The actress who played Jekyll/Hyde was especially stunning, playing both characters, in my opinion to perfection.

I would definitely recommend this play to someone who might be interested in seeing it. However, I would caution them not to expect an exact reproduction of the novel at all; but it was still an enjoyable and incredibly interesting play that gives the audience definite food for thought and a different view on the world afterwards.