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Fuelling the Lightbulb - Trip to Gryphon School for Brightest Year 10 Students

28th November, 2017 by Tilly Hallett and Jennifer Hughes

Last week, ten of our brightest Year 10 students ventured out in the Kings’ minibus on an hour’s drive to Gryphon School in Sherborne to attend the Challenge Plus meeting of eight local schools. It was a wonderful opportunity for them.

We set off at 8:45 in our trusty minivan full of excitement and enthusiasm and after some smooth as silk driving we soon arrived at the host school, Gryphon School where we were welcomed at Reception and given name stickers. Afterwards, we were taken into a large hall and assigned our tables; and were all separated into different teams to help us mingle with the other schools.

The day started off with a short introduction by a teacher from Huish Episcopi Academy who was part of running the event. She then introduced us to Simon, a journalist who works with the BBC and Cambridge University, who talked for a while about what he did for a living and how he got there. He explained that the day would be all about the secrets of success, and how he would tell us the golden rule at the end of the day.

Throughout the day, there were all sorts of pop quizzes, random questions, and overall general knowledge tests that we had to discuss with our groups. We stopped for a short break to get some drinks and biscuits, and then proceeded with the event. After the break, we were asked to put together a short speech with our teams about a topic we found very important to us that was not being addressed properly at the moment to present to the United Nations. Some chosen topics were: Climate Change, Discrimination, Capital Punishment, Nuclear Weaponry and many, many more and we found this a very interesting and fun thing to do. Next was time for a short lunch break. During this, we were given some puzzles to solve for which we needed to use our brains and think outside the box. One example is:

“H I J K L M N O” – think about what you can see and drink.

The answer is: water, a.k.a H20. The sequence is the letters H to 0 – H20. (Did you work it out?!)

After lunch we proceeded to do more quizzes and questions and such; before our favourite journalist, Simon, gave us the golden rule to success and why it was this and famous people who had needed this rule and the golden rule of success was revealed to us: “The only time success comes before work is in a dictionary” – Work Hard.

It was swiftly followed by goodbyes, a short journey home, and the end of our exciting day. It was a very worthwhile and exciting day and we would definitely participate again if given the opportunity.