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Lights, Cameras, Action - 2017 Charities Week!

21st December, 2017 by The Kings and Queens New Team

The penultimate week of term at The Kings of Wessex Academy took a fun spin for the annual Charities Week organised by the Senior Student Team and House Captains on the theme of Films. So…lights, cameras, action!

After plotting and planning throughout the year, the team hosted a week of exciting events at break and lunchtimes to raise as much money as possible for their three chosen charities for local, national and international good causes: the Well-Being Café in Cheddar (supported by MIND), SUDEP Action in memory of fellow student Johdi Russell and GlobalGiving. Students purchased wristbands for access to the events in the Main Hall, with some treating themselves to the £20 gold band for VIP seats near the front for extra good viewing.

The week opened with a bang... or perhaps a scream, when a few seemingly mad students volunteered for the waxing and shaving event when bids were cast to decide who would get to pull off the dreaded waxing strip, whilst Chops hairdressers shaved some boys’ heads for their new cool look. Even the booming music from the Main Hall could not mask the uncontrollable shrieks; and at this coldest time of year there may have been a few students regretting their new extreme hairdo once the shaving deed was done!

Whilst many students enjoy the delights of the Kings Café, few probably thought they would see food in such incarnations as faced by some contestants with strong stomachs in The Hunger Games event. Charities Week’s extreme eating challenge had most of the audience’s stomachs turning - if not the competitors! Students rushed to the event hoping to see, but not smell, the crazy concoctions to be fed to staff and students and as the curtains drew back they saw three teams of students ready to face the challenge. First up was Teacher of Geography Mr Putnam who had to eat a whole tub of butter! As the first spoonful went in, the disgust on his face was clear as the audience watched his displeasure. Next was IT Technician Mr Bob Chadderton challenged to eat some tinned fish, mackerel and sardines. But Bob called their bluff, as the audience looked on in amazement as he sat happily eating the fish. Good brain food.

The next challenge was for the students, a meal deal. Nice maybe, except it was blended up. One contained tuna pasta, Monster Munch and a smoothie. Yuck! The brave students attempted to drink the strange, lumpy liquids with buckets at the ready! Safe to say... all of the competitors had the sympathy of the audience - and probably quite a few regrets. After such a spectacle, the audience were not really in the mood for their own lunch! To end the meal, Subject Leader for Science/Chemistry Mrs Bethan Riddick tried the Chubby Challenge, which involves fitting as many marshmallows in your mouth as possible, to debatable success.

There was more mess on the horizon with students bidding to gunge their fellow school friends – or perhaps not friends! This year’s gunge was full of many unmentionables guaranteed to stick and smell; including spaghetti hoops, beans, oats and flour that students ended up “wearing”! Egg Throwing on the last day was the usual fun on the tennis courts as students bought eggs to throw in pairs to see who would end up with egg on their face. There were a few…!

There was also time for pseudo intellectuals with the Who Wants to be a Slum Millionaire quiz with staff pitting themselves to be the top quizzers of the school. With Teacher of History Mrs Lizzie Read as the quiz mistress asking testing questions, such as “Which Learning Support Assistant has spoken with Kylie Minogue and met Duran Duran?” Inside info…

There was teasing afoot with a round of Would I Lie To You, as staff tried to get a lie past the other contestants. Teacher of English Miss Ilsa Anderson claimed she was a member of an unsuccessful girl band called “Girl Thing;” (which turned out to be true!). Love was in the air for Love Island as matches went off into the sunset, followed by spoof film awards including new Executive Headteacher Mr Ball presenting the award to his most likely successor – LRC Manager Mrs Knutson!

A highlight of the week was the Wharf of Ball Street (named in honour of Mr Ball) with an array of lively market stalls run by tutor groups. There was competitions and cake galore in its many delicious forms – cupcakes, chocolate, tray bakes, cookies and more!! A Breakfast Club cooked up bacon rolls and on another foodie note, enthusiastic eaters could compete to eat as many crackers as possible in three minutes. Face painting was popular with lots of students painted and glittered up for the afternoon and even some cartoonists drawing funny portraits.

Storage Hunters saw more students spending their money when they bid for exciting objects, including an original 2005 Charities Week t-shirt kindly donated by former Teacher of Chemistry Mr Ian Smith; as well as more modern wowee items including an iPad mini and an iPhone.

The week of hijinks ended with the hotly anticipated “Rock and Roll Years,” when students and staff had opportunity to showcase their talents. The event was kicked off with a lively performance by Mr Putman and his band, including Joe Maggs from The Polecat Riots on the guitar. As the audience swung and swayed, all the acts were interspersed with the signature Wessex wave, along with two new additions - including the Wessex Dab and the Wessex Wip.

Year 10 Abbie Jamieson got her fellow students singing along to her rendition of “Counting Stars” by One Republic, accompanied by two Year 13 dancers Sofia Glover and Oona Shah, who also starred in the Year 13 girls’ dance – a regular Rock and Roll Years occurrence. This year, many Year 13 girls danced to a medley of songs, preceded by a popular Grease number from the Science Department and the Year 13 boys’ dance; again, with some of the members part of the “Seven Snake Army” and “Fresh Mint”.

There were many highlights. Other acts included Year 9 George Page and his band; the ladies of the Learning Support Department dressed as Disney characters rapping to the delight of the crowd; finished off with a rap and a mic drop from Year 13 Ella Caulfield. Year 11 Aiden Malik, who is now a seasoned performer sang; although unfortunately after his enthusiastic performance without a plectrum he soon had all his fingers covered with plasters.

Friday was Mufti Day when Sixth Form students wore fancy dress with some amusing characters around the site and on a film note, the R.E. Team and colleagues were beautifully dressed as the Pink Ladies from Grease.

The Senior Student Team thanked everyone involved who helped make the week so enjoyable and entertaining and Head of Sixth Form Miss Rachel Hopwood for her support and advice. Thank you also to the staff and students at Fairlands Middle School who generously donated their loose change.

This year’s Charities Week was a huge success and as the monies are still being counted the full amount raised will be announced in the new year.