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Extended Project Qualifications success!

18th January, 2018 by Rachael Wright

Back to last September and the report of the fantastic EPQ presentations delivered by our Year 13 students. Following their presentation, students completed their projects, which included a 5,000 word report and a log book charting the progress of their project; which all had to be done and dusted by the first week in October. No mean feat! The results are now in and a huge congratulations to all of our EPQ students! The pass rate was a brilliant 100%, and in addition to their grades, all students will earn valuable UCAS points too. A further breakdown of the results shows that 32% of students achieved Grades A* to A and almost 60% achieved A* to C. In addition to the grades, students gained valuable experience in planning, organising and running their own projects under the guidance of a staff supervisor. For many, it was the first time that they had carried out independent work on such a significant scale and although daunting at times, they were able to believe and succeed. It is all the more commendable as this was an additional commitment on top of their Year 13 workload, and it was great to see almost a quarter of the year group taking on the challenge.

Commenting on the results, EPQ Co-Ordinator and Senior Sixth Form Tutor Miss Rachael Wright said:

“The Academy would like to praise and congratulate all our students for their hard work and well done for all the skills you have learned in undertaking your projects that I know will stand you in good stead for your next steps – whether higher education or the world of work.”

It is wonderful to report that the Exam Board praised students for their range of interesting project titles and commented that some “truly excellent” research had taken place with students developing skills to a high level.

Here is a reminder of a few of the testing project titles that allowed scope for students to research and reflect on topics of particular interest to them:

“To what extent does our blood composition and genetics dictate our future?” By Anna Collins

“To what extent does climate change negatively impact the population of lemurs in Madagascar?” By Eleanor Gwilliam

“To what extent is nuclear fusion the best replacement for fossil fuels?” By James Leader

“To what extent can the artificial pancreas be used as frontline treatment for type 1 diabetes?” By Archit Singhal

“To what extent is the dysfunction of Basal ganglia a cause of Tourettes Syndrome in relation to other causes?” By Jessica Welchman