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Wendy goes for big chop for charity

29th January, 2018 by Jude Owens

Despite the sometimes cold January temperatures, retired Teacher of Food Technology Wendy MacKinnon showed herself to be a true friend when she recently made a big decision to raise money for charity.

Wendy retired from The Kings of Wessex Academy in summer 2015 after seven years in post. A caring and conscientious teacher, she has shown herself to be the same to her friend, Teacher of P.E. Tracey Tibbs, who is currently off school undergoing treatment for the rare condition Amyloidosis after she was diagnosed out of the blue in 2016.

As well as her many fine attributes as a teacher, Wendy was known for her very beautiful, long hair that she had grown long since she was very young; only to cut it mistakenly to shoulder length when she was 13. But she painstakingly grew it back!

It was after being linked to her son’s friend Toby's Justgiving page to raise money for Alzheimer’s and reading about the Little Princess Trust that makes wigs for children who lose their hair due to cancer that Wendy made her momentous decision. She would start the new year a new woman by going for the big chop to raise money for UCL who are leading research into Tracey’s condition. A rare disease, Amyloidosis occurs when an abnormal protein called amyloid is produced in the bone marrow and builds up in the major organs.

Friends, family and former colleagues have rallied to support Wendy and to date she has raised a staggering £2,268 in only three weeks. Her 44cm of hair weighing in at nearly 175g has now been gratefully received by the Little Princess Trust. Wendy is very grateful to everyone for their generosity for her two chosen good causes and support for Tracey; and not least their encouragement for her to go shorter after all the years of “Don’t cut it off!” It has been a really positive cut for her.

Commenting on her new look Wendy said:

“I must admit, I’m enjoying the ‘you look much younger’ comments, the timesaving and my treat of new riding hats. But it really gave me the creeps when my hairdresser David at the Hair Salon in Worle presented me with my former ponytail - as it was still warm! My son had to put it in the bag ready for posting”