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Year 9 Business Students get a taste for the Chocolate Business

10th May, 2018 by Jude Owens

Everyone recognises the purple logo and curly writing of Cadbury’s chocolate.

But a group of Business and Enterprise students from The Kings of Wessex Academy recently travelled to the historic village of Bournville in Birmingham to visit Cadbury World to learn more about this iconic global brand.

The visit began with a tour of the factory in the exotic Aztec jungle where students travelled 1,000 years back in time to Mexico, the home of the Mayan Indians and the origins of the cocoa bean amidst trees and waterfalls. The budding Business students next returned to Victorian England and to Bull Street where they listened to a hologram of John Cadbury telling his inspiring story of his early struggles to establish the business with his sons Richard and George. Guided by their Quaker beliefs; they built a new and better kind of factory in a green-field site in the countryside from the smoke and grime of Birmingham city centre. Today, Cadbury World still stands on the site of the original 'Factory in a Garden.'

The tour then brought the students up to the present day with live manufacturing demonstrations and a reminder of past and present advertising techniques. It was at this point that students and staff indulged in some delicious market research in the form of a molten chocolate invention. 10/10!

The finale of the day was in the George Cadbury Room where the students enjoyed a fascinating talk by marketing expert Colin who entertained with the secrets and vision of this evolving brand, and provided further insights into future chocolate innovations that will no doubt become household favourites for generations of chocolate lovers.

Subject Leader Jo Wilson praised the students for being so attentive throughout the visit and for applying their business knowledge to this popular product.