News from The Kings of Wessex Academy

All good things must come to an end; however, a new experience awaits

12th June, 2018 by Rory Caughey-Rixon, The Kings of Wessex Academy

At the end of last term, Year 13 met together for a final time at The Kings of Wessex Academy as the school year has flown by and the A Level exams are now well underway.

As the year group prepare to say hello to new experiences, they must sadly say goodbye to Kings and their time in the Cheddar Valley schooling system. For many this was an emotional reminder of the quote 'all good things must come to an end', as many of the students had been at Kings for five years, and have formed lasting friendships and are facing the challenge of some of their hardest exams to date.

Fittingly, on their last day a special celebration ceremony was held as an emotional reminder of what they have been through together. During the assembly the students revelled in a nostalgic look back on their time at Kings with their Tutors, received words of advice from Senior Sixth Form Tutors Miss Wright and Mrs Anderson and received a blessing by Reverend Tim Hawking who guided them in their reflections. A musical interlude was provided by Sofia Glover greatly enjoyed by the audience and ‘The Band’ played everyone out.

Executive Headteacher Gavin Ball, who will have soon completed his first year at Kings said: “We have valued our students here at Kings and thank them for their many contributions to our Academy.”

Head of Sixth Form Miss Hopwood made the closing remarks and wished the students the best of luck and said it had been a privilege to work with them in the Sixth Form.

After the special ceremony the students had a BBQ on the field with some of their tutors and teachers and the Academy wishes the students the best of luck for their exams and success in their new experiences whatever they may be! A Level Exam Results Day is Thursday 16 August 2018.