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Iona starts the new school year und spricht ausgezeichnet Deutsch

2nd October, 2018 by Iona Neill, Year 13

During the summer I was lucky enough to be chosen for the German scholarships programme - a month long trip through Germany funded completely by UK German connection and the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst. The trip involved travelling to Bonn, Nuremberg, Munich and Berlin, as well as a two week stay in a host family where I attended a German school.

One of the best parts about the trip for me was being able to meet so many young people from all around the world. We travelled in mixed international groups, so I got to know people of many different nationalities, from Slovenian to Colombian. The trip was also great in improving my spoken German, learning words that you are not necessarily taught in school; as well as speaking to people with different accents, which meant my listening skills had to improve too.

On one evening in Bonn we hosted an international evening whereby each country got to present themselves, as well as share food or songs and dances that were special to them. For our presentation we played Three Lions as our intro song, served tea and biscuits and did accents from different parts of the UK. Afterwards from the other countries we were able to try salsa dancing, Mexican chilli sweets and Baklava.

There were many trips and activities within our groups, my favourite being the day at the Zugspitze - Germany’s highest mountain. Luckily, there was still snow at the top so we were able to go sledding; before we came back down in the cable car to go swimming in a lake near the bottom. A day of contrasts. We also visited many museums and art galleries, climbed the Munich Fernsehturm and we were given a tour of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s offices in Berlin.

I would recommend this trip to anyone, despite the hard work to apply I would say it is an invaluable experience and I made memories I will never forget. I hope that Languages at Kings continues to be as important in the future, and that students are able to enjoy the rewards that studying Languages can offer you later on. Not only are they brilliant life tools; they help you in the workplace and allow you to travel and meet amazing people from all over the world.

This programme is available to any student in Year 12 who has been studying German for at least two years. See for more information.