News from The Kings of Wessex Academy

Year 12 Students in the Driving Seat for Driving Conference

25th October, 2018 by Jude Owens

Year 12 students at The Kings of Wessex Academy were recently in the driving seat when they were off timetable for the morning to participate in the annual Driving Conference.

The drivers of the near future engaged in various activities, including, a 3D driving simulator, designing a drive safety poster, and a hands-on driving experience at the wheel on the tennis courts. The 16 and 17-years olds also tried out the state-of-the-art driving simulator equipment overseen by a Somerset Road Safety instructor and were observed by their fellow students before it was their turn to take to the virtual wheel. Many students were shocked by the extent of their stopping distance, and thinking and breaking distances that were much higher than they imagined. The driving experience was the highlight for many students and provided the experience of driving a real car under the instruction of a real driving instructor.

Head of Sixth Form Miss Hopwood and Senior Tutor Miss Wright thank Starfish Driving and Somerset Road Safety for coming into school to demonstrate the importance of being safe in the driving seat.

Executive Headteacher Mr Ball said:

“The Driving Conference is a very important part of our enrichment curriculum at Kings in educating students to think about road safety and being responsible drivers and I commend all the students for their positive participation.”