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Abi on track with Performance Pathway programme

22nd December, 2018 by Jude Owens

Year 12 student Abigail Peake at The Kings of Wessex Academy is racing ahead with her athletics career and is now training and thinking even more like a professional athlete whilst studying for her A Levels and was recently selected by British Athletics for the Athletics Academy of Sporting Excellence Programme (AASE).

The Performance Pathway programme is designed to meet the needs of athletes who have the potential to progress to compete as a senior international. Abi is the only athlete from Mendip Athletic Club who has ever been selected and she will attend weekend sessions at the British Athletics, National Camp at Loughborough University and also Bath University. The added bonus of the course is that as well as running alongside her A Levels, it will gain her an additional 40 UCAS points.

The Performance Pathway programme is focused around developing a dual career for the athlete, through fulfilling their potential within the sport and also in their education and employability. Across the two years, athletes need to complete nine units to achieve success in the Diploma in Sport Excellence qualification part of the programme which includes:

1. Technical
2. Tactical
3. Physical
4. Nutritional
5. Mental / Psychological
6. Lifestyle
7. Career and Finance
8. Communication and Media
9. Health and Safety
10. Culture, Values and Behaviours in a Sport Pathway

Abi is now monitoring very closely what she should and should not be eating and how to check if foods/supplements are safe for her to use. She meets with her nutritionist and psychologist based at Bath University and is now training six times a week getting ready for her Track and Field Season next year and will also be attending some indoor championships during January/February.

The qualification element of the programme will certify and recognise the skills, knowledge and understanding they are developing as a potential elite athlete, as well as the engagement with Performance Pathway Team staff.

Executive Headteacher Gavin Ball said:

“We are very proud of Abi for her further achievements that testify to her exceptional dedication and success as an athlete and hope that she continues to grow on the Performance Pathway programme. Well done Abi!”