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Senior Student Team present Cheques to Charities

16th January, 2019 by Jude Owens

The Senior Student Team at The Kings of Wessex Academy were proud to present the cheques to representatives of two of their named charities this week from this year’s Charities Week.

The three charities receive a third each of the grand total raised of £5,824.26; which is not bad for a week’s fundraising events held in school at break and lunchtimes and the students enjoyed re-living some of the fun moments in the photos on the presentation.

Former Kings’ student Emma Hanlon from Avalon Camps told the Sixth Form assembly how the money will benefit disadvantaged children from Bristol who are recommended by their teachers and welfare workers to go on holiday in the local countryside (here!). Their allocation of the fundraising will go towards paying for a trip to Wookey Hole and the coach travel; bringing joy to the children who would not normally go on holiday or who have difficult home backgrounds.

The next charity to benefit from the fundraising was SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) which remains close to the hearts of Kings’ students after former student Johdi Russell tragically died from an epileptic fit in October 2017. The work of SUDEP is to prevent deaths from epilepsy, as well as support those affected and to provide education and raise awareness of epilepsy risks.

Students also spoke to Kate Jones from the Fundraising Team of their third nominated charity, The Grand Appeal based at Bristol Children’s Hospital where House Captain Izzy Horton did her work experience. Their donation will go towards supporting “Paul’s House” opposite the hospital: an eight-bedroom house with kitchens and living area where parents and siblings can stay when visiting their child at the hospital. Often families from all over the region, including Wales and Cornwall travel the long distance to Bristol because of the specialist care at the hospital and sometimes they have to stay for months at a time. By having a family house to stay in they save on the cost of city hotels and eating out, thereby minimising some of the stress of having a poorly child in hospital. “Home from home.” The Grand Appeal also fundraises for items not funded by the NHS, e.g. decorations in hallways to make it more child-friendly, and toys for play therapy, as well as DVD’s for distraction. The wards are currently being renamed. Rather than being called the sterile Ward 34 Level 6 they are being re-named, The Sunflower Ward, The Starlight Ward and a space themed ward for example.

The Senior Team thanked the students for their participation and generosity in Charities Week and for making the difference by supporting these good causes.