News from The Kings of Wessex Academy

Singer songwriter Drew "drops" her latest star single

5th February, 2019 by Jude Owens

Talented Year 10 student Drew Kehoe at The Kings of Wessex Academy has been showing her love of music by putting her heartfelt words into songs and is showing herself to be a rising star.

Drew attends a Saturday music school where she has developed her musicianship skills and confidence for her song-writing and the art of creating the tune to suit the song words. Every year, local recording studio Actiontrack creates an album on a theme and Drew and her fellow songwriters write the songs that Actiontrack then helps them to produce and release with them fully involved in the fun recording process. The songs can be entirely of the young musicians’ creation and interpretation - be it, storytelling, personal reflection, social commentary or another element and are available to download and buy on the internet.

The first song Drew wrote for an Actiontrack album ('Shelter') was selected as the best track, taking the number one spot on the CD. Drew's song on the latest Actiontrack "Movement" album is entitled "New Beginnings" - it's about her move to Kings and in the song, she reflects on what it can be like to move schools:

"I’m starting on my journey and my journey starts here
Making a fresh start – who knows what will appear"

Drew’s earlier tracks are about not being afraid to be yourself and the strength of being individual. She also looks outwards and invites others to find space in their heart to make the world a better place and moved by the international news story of the war in Syria, Drew wrote a song about the ongoing strife in this war-torn country. Drew's currently working on her next song, this time on the theme of colours, inspired by experiences at her previous school when she reflected on the other pupils and their latest gadgets. But Drew realised these things did not matter.

For Drew, song-writing is about getting an idea about something that has happened in life to raise awareness and she believes her songs tell a story. A keen music and radio fan, Drew listens to Kiss FM Radio and was inspired by singer Jess Glynne - whom she saw in concert for her 13th birthday - to produce her first song. Every end of term at her music school, Drew and her band "Stranded in the Subway" host a concert for parents and teachers with some of their latest songs, and comprise of three singers, a pianist, electric guitar, bass, drums, sax, clarinet.

Head of Avalon House Arabella Beacham praised Drew for her determination and commended her for her commitment to her chosen passion in which she is clearly very talented.