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Dylan Takes a Leap of Faith

26th April, 2019 by Jude Owens

Year 11 student at The Kings of Wessex Academy Dylan Webb recently took a leap of faith when he undertook a sky dive to raise money for St Margaret’s Hospice in memory of his Grandma.

This was Dylan’s first time jumping out of an aeroplane and he took to the skies during the Easter holidays on Friday 12 April 2019 in neighbouring county Devon from the Dunkeswell Airfield in Honiton. As his nerves took hold, Dylan first recorded an interview before the dive, before listening carefully to the safety briefing (with Mum sitting in to reassure her too!). Then it was time for take-off.

In the plane, Dylan was strapped down and connected to his instructor Neil at the shoulders and hips with little hooks strong enough to take the weight of a car. The plane soared upwards as the instructor pointed out the coast, Bristol Channel and even as far afield as Cornwall as Dylan felt more and more nervous.

At the dizzying height of 15,000 feet Dylan was set to be the third person to jump and as he bravely leapt out of the plane with instructor Neil in toe and cameraman above him, he instantly loved it! Dylan reports feeling exhilarated and alive and yes, he is allowed to admit it, very courageous. He was struck by the below freezing temperatures in the blue skies that added to the shock. The four or five minutes might have seemed like forever for Dylan’s family watching below on the airfield; but for Dylan it was over too soon! It felt like only six seconds when he had the first 60 seconds at freefall before the parachute was opened. Most people do the sky dive in about eight minutes, but daringly Dylan asked his instructor to do spins and tricks which unfortunately gets you down quicker!

The sign of a good experience must surely be that Dylan wants to do another sky dive and he is delighted to have raised over £770.00 for St Margaret’s Hospice and he thanks everyone who has generously sponsored him. Donations can still be made on his Justgiving page at:

Clearly an adventurer and ambitious for his career, after his GCSE's in the summer, Dylan wants to join the navy as an aircraft controller. He has already done his recruitment test, which he passed with flying colours. Next is the pre-joining fitness test that he took last week (Friday).

Commenting on Dylan’s sky dive Executive Headteacher Gavin Ball said:

“I am very proud of Dylan for his heroic sky dive to raise money for the worthy cause of St Margaret’s Hospice. I can tell that this was a wonderful experience that Dylan will always remember. Well done Dylan!”