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Access to Bristol Graduation

16th May, 2019 by Aiden Malik, The Kings and Queens News Team

On the evening of Wednesday 24 April 2019, a selection of students from Kings, and other Sixth Forms and Colleges across the South West gathered in the Main Hall of the Wills Memorial Building in Bristol. The pride of the university, the Wills Memorial building has been synonymous with the university since its opening in 1925. It has since played host to lectures, exams, ceremonies, graduations, heartbreak and celebration, and now, it was our turn.

I wish I could say I was graduating for my actual degree, at age 17, after 8 weeks and without tuition fees. (I wish, dear reader, I wish); although slightly shy of a PhD in Rocket Science, all attending had one thing in common, we’d graduated in the esteemed Access to Bristol Scheme, and bagged ourselves a guaranteed reduced offer to the University of Bristol, should we choose to accept it…

The Access to Bristol Scheme consisted of eight consecutive (almost) weekly two hour lectures hosted at the Uni across a multitude of subject ‘streams’ from the folks in Business Management and Marketing (who had to put up with me in their custody for two months), to Archaeology, Practical Chemistry, and Biomedical Sciences.

Regardless of the stream, we all congregated for a ceremonial, yet action-packed night of processions, presentations, and backwards organs (although the Biomedical Science group were keen, I of course mean the piano…).

Everyone walked away from the night with a smile, and a new clearing of the path towards future ambitions.

Well done one and all.