News from The Kings of Wessex Academy

Year 13 Reach for the Stars

4th June, 2019 by Jude Owens

The final day of the last Summer Half Term was especially momentous with another final moment for Year 13 students at The Kings of Wessex Academy as they assembled for what will be their last time all together at school.

As S Club 7 sang the boppy number “Reach for the Stars”, students entered the Main Hall for their final assembly together poised at this exciting point in their lives, with new educational, world of work or gap year adventures on the horizon. For many this was the culmination of their time in the Cheddar Valley educational system and five years at Kings during which time they have formed lasting friendships and strived for academic success. Head of Sixth Form Miss Rachel Hopwood was proud she had known the students for her five years at Kings and hoped the Christian values of the school would guide them throughout life. Reading students’ UCAS references had been a task, but it had given her a wonderful insight into the students’ many achievements - both in and beyond the classroom.

Tutors shared fond memories of their tutor groups students. Prizes were awarded for some unique categories, including which student attended the most assemblies and Adam Trenchard received the prize for… being Adam and sports awards were presented to great applause. Senior Sixth Form Tutors Miss Rachael Wright and Ms Sarah Knightley gave a nostalgic look back on their own journeys since they were 18 with some amusing photos from their personal archives. “Challenge yourself” and you can achieve more than you know. “Do not judge too quickly.” “Beware of those who promise you the world” and “Be yourself.” Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” was their personal musical memory; whilst Alice Coton and Maisie Lewis sang the moving song, “For Good” from the musical “Wicked” with the memorable words, “I have been changed for good.”

Rev. Richard Neill - who has known many of the students since they attended Wedmore First School - led the address and invited the students to participate in a highly visual and symbolic tug of war to show the tug of war within themselves as they experience feelings of nervousness, sadness and excitement. He quoted Psalm 93 from the Ascension Day service, “I look up to the mountains” with God as guardian and gave an old Irish blessing: “May the road rise up to meet you.”

Head of Sixth Form Miss Hopwood commended those Sixth Form Tutors who leave Kings this summer – notably, Mr Oswald McCarthy, Mrs Stella Nethercote and Mr Simon Osgood and thanked them for their service. Executive Headteacher Gavin Ball, quoted from Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes’ “Up Where we Belong” and inspired students to cherish forever the friendships they have made:

“I will love you forever, my friend
I will stay by your side until the very end
You’ll be in my heart, as I pray for you each day
You are my truest friend in every way”

‘The Year 13 Band’ played everyone out with a foot-tapping number with the refrain “the best you ever had” that raised both the roof and spirits at the end of this assembly full of laughter and love; before students enjoyed a barbecue on the field with tutors and teachers.

Reflecting on his time at Kings, Hugo Lacassin noted: “I’ve really enjoyed the welcoming nature of the Sixth Form and something that has really helped me has been the excellence of the teaching staff at Kings.” With the benefit of wisdom after his five years at the school he said: “I would tell my younger self to organise better and make effective notes.”

All the staff and Governors at The Kings of Wessex Academy wish the students the best of luck for their exams and success in their next steps - whatever they may be!

A Level Exam Results Day is Thursday 15 August 2019.