Student Blog by Rory, The Kings and Queens News Team - Friday 25 May 2018

Firstly, apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. However, it has been an extremely busy term for all years at the school! However, I am going to make it up in this bumper blog for the half term!

My term began with a very tired Rory in Yeovil Hospital for my work placement. I was almost bursting with excitement, however, at the prospect of being able to shadow doctors, nurses and health care assistants in a hospital setting. This work experience, as any prospective medical student will tell you, is like gold-dust, so when I had the email the week before I knew I had to seize the day! The week kicked off with portering and then paediatric outpatients! It was such an eye-opener as to the different styles of medical care and to the importance of every profession within the NHS.

As the week progressed I had the chance to explore many different new experiences, such as death and how to behave around a patient with severe learning difficulties, and I had the chance to learn first-hand about the stresses and strains the NHS is under. I am so grateful to everyone who allowed me to shadow them.

The rest of the half-term has been filled with revision for exams, not only for Year 12; but across all the years exams have been taking place, notably GCSEs for Year 11's. The A Level exams are very soon due to start and I know the Year 13's are working hard to give themselves the best chance in their future plans!

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