Student Blog by Isaac McAndrew, The Kings and Queens News Team - Tuesday 25 September 2018

Another academic year begins! And with it, new challenges. I have started my A Level studies at Kings Sixth Form, and I am thoroughly enjoying them. It is wonderful to be given the chance to study subjects that I enjoy at a more concentrated level. For my A Levels, I have chosen Sociology, English Literature and History. These are all subjects that I really loved studying for my GCSEs, and so making the decision to study them for A Level was a relatively easy one.

As someone who, like the rest of the former Year 11, spent 11 weeks on holiday, it is a shock to the system to settle back into a regular routine and school work. It is, however nice to be back and enjoying catching-up with friends.

Friday brought a rather new and unique challenge, as Aiden and I participated in a “speech-off” in front of the Kings Café at lunchtime. Whilst being incredibly nerve-racking, it was quite fun to both give and watch a speech on a topic given to us by Miss Hopwood entitled “An Autumn Day.”

We are still awaiting the results as to who shall represent the school at the public speaking competition dinners to be held each term. So I wish best of luck to my fellow Gabbler, Aiden.
(See the separate news report).

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