Student Blog by Isaac – Monday 12 December 2018

A rather special blog, but this time away from Cheddar and Kingsā€¦

We woke up at 5:00am, bleary eyed and thoroughly excited for our trip to Parliament. After standing in the rain next to Cabot Circus for about 20 minutes, our Coach finally arrived. We clambered aboard and began the three hour trip into central London. We arrived at about 9:00am in Victoria Coach Station, and after a hurried breakfast we made our way to The Houses of Parliament. We took some pictures in Parliament Square, and then crossed the street to the Houses of Parliament themselves!

There were unfortunately large queues in front of Parliament. We waited in line for about 35 minutes, and finally gained admission after a number of rigorous security checks. We now had around 20 minutes until the event began, and so we hurried our way through Parliament to the stairs to the viewing gallery where we explained that we had reserved tickets through our MP, James Heappey.

We were then shown through a different entrance, where we saw the entrance to the House of Commons itself! As we sat down, we noticed that the Shadow Home Secretary was already sat down, which was very exciting. My fellow PMQ's friend Charlotte and I then watched excitedly as Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Corbyn and his Shadow Cabinet made their way into the House and were seated. Prime Minister's Questions then commenced, preceded by a debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, in which Theresa compared Labour's Brexit Plan to "shorter than my weekend shopping list." To which there were chuckles in the viewing gallery. It really surprised us that the MPs held nothing back in the House, and the Speaker had to remind certain members of their place!

We then enjoyed lunch in Covent Gardens, and made our way to the British Museum. We wandered around several exhibits, including ones of Native Americans, China, Japan and Ancient Greece. We also visited Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. Thoroughly tired, we caught the bus back home, tired but minds buzzing from our day.

Also this week, I attended the after dinner speaking event Gabblers in the Bristol Hotel. My fellow Gabbler Aiden and I both spoke at the event. The premise of Gabblers is quite simple; one is given a topic and creates a four-minute speech about the topic. Aiden's topic was "Suited and Booted," and I thought he crafted an admirable, humorous speech that was enjoyed by everyone. My topic was "The Stars and Stripes", and my rather taxing challenge was to not make the speech political! I, instead, related it to the fascinating history behind the flag, and my own family's (who live in the US) association with the flag. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, with excellent speeches given by all.

It was a rather eventful week, and now I look forward to the last few weeks of term that are perhaps, slightly less full on!

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