Student Blog by Aiden Malik, The Kings and Queens News Team – Friday 19 October 2018

Half term draws near at Kings, and a buzz is in the air for the forthcoming Charities Week, but work-rate is still rising and spirits are still generally high as half term is in sight.

This week has brought the full-on start of the Big Pitch Enterprise challenge for Year 9. As the winner from three years prior, and now into my third year of mentoring the next cohort through, and my second year as a semi-final judge, I am well acquainted with the running of the competition, and I can safely say that I see huge potential in this group, and I can't wait to see what weird and wonderful products and services are born in the forthcoming weeks.

To this week, I'm looking forward to playing at this year's Rock'n'Roll Years: "The Slammer." If it‘s anything like last year, it'll go down in history as one of the most lively and electrically atmospheric concerts I ever played, which is always a nice thought to have on the horizon.

Lastly, on top of other extra-curricular activities, such as myself and Isaac in Gabblers, myself and a scattering of other Sixth Formers are undergoing training to partake in the "Rising Stars" programme, where a Sixth Form student attends a GCSE lesson as an "ask the expert" role or a general Teaching Assistant. My chosen subjects are Maths and Business Studies, and I hope to offer a refreshing addition to the classroom.

So, from a very busy but very excited Aiden, looking positively into the next few weeks.
Thank you for reading.

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