Student Blog by Niah – Wednesday 22 May 2019

After leaving my final English literature Pre Public exam, I begin to think that the week of the Year 12 exams had gone by very slowly. However, as I think about the four exams that were timetabled into my schedule I feel a sense of relief. It feels funny to think that only last year I was Year 11 too, working and revising hard at this time of year.

For me as half term approaches I feel like the summer is filled with possible opportunities and the road towards my A level exams feels long; although I know the time will fly by. Soon I'll be working away at my coursework for Geography, English Literature and Film Studies. The A level Geography Department will soon be making a trip to study the Dorset Coastline to plan and create a detailed project as part of our NEA coursework. As well as that preparation for our English Literature coursework are underway, we have the pleasure of studying Alan Bennett's play "The History Boys" - a comedy following the lives of a group of 18-year-old boys studying hard to get into Oxford or Cambridge. The play achieves this realistic, down to earth kind of feel by using relatable and funny characters that the audience can't help but love. We're only half way through the play and I can't even begin to guess the outcome, definitely recommend watching (there is, after all, a film version and being a Film Studies student I'd surely recommend it). Speaking of Film Studies, we Year 12 Film Studies students, after our two-hour long exam are straight back into the curriculum and studying documentaries, the nature of documentaries is interested, but I solely prefer fictional stories.

I've recently joined the schools Debate Team as a Sixth Form assistant and we've already had some heated discussions, from freedom of speech to service rights and we are making our way through all the modern issues. Run on a Tuesday lunchtime in E3 we are always welcoming new debaters!

Again, the Year 11s are revising hard and the Year 13s' time at Kings is coming to an end. The future seems almost set with university applications in, apprenticeships pending, and gap years planned. The future is looking all so bright; just the Summer Term to go and then we Year 12 students will be heading to the end of term. But right now, the summer is the time to take it slightly easier and hopefully we’ll be having some summer sunshine too.

Once again good luck to our Year 11s and good luck Year 13s!

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