Student Blog by Sam, The Kings and Queens News Team - Friday 8 December 2017

Yet another exciting week in the world of Kings! As a Sixth Former, Monday was a good day as it consisted of only two formal lessons, and therefore quite a few ‘frees’ - or perhaps more formally: study periods(!) My relative freedom however, did not mean I was slacking it in the common room (much!), but was instead busy writing essays, and practicing instruments so that I was prepared for the rest of the week.

Monday, as well as frees, brought the second instalment of Gabblers - an amazing after dinner speaking competition in which I am very fortunate to be able to represent the Academy. After making my way to Bristol, I had a lovely evening eating a three course dinner, and then making a speech on the topic of “One Man Band” - a title very apt for me as many would testify (as a musician)! The speech went well, and left me looking forward to the next dinner, in January - and another speech!

Once recovered from Monday’s late night, the rest of the week had yet more excitement in stall.

Wednesday was certainly a highlight in two ways; the first being a beautiful recital from fellow A Level music student Alice Coton, at lunchtime. The performance - a mock for the real thing in Year 13 - spanned vocal music from across the genres: from classical to contemporary, and set a very high bar for my own recital in a few weeks’ time.

Wednesday was enjoyable further, because in the evening I had the pleasure of playing in the Cheddar Valley Music Club winter concert in the Kings Theatre. Many students were involved from Kings, and other schools in the Academy Trust, and contributed to a truly brilliant evening of Brass, Strings and Voices - two categories of I had the honour to play in myself.

The rest of the week continued in an equally busy, but exciting fashion with the run up to Christmas being a crazy time for all musicians - particularly when the school’s Christmas Carol Service at Wells Cathedral is looming – on Friday 15 December 2017! The challenge is relished however, and we cannot wait to have the opportunity to perform in such a prestigious venue.

As the week came to a close then, and students left for the weekend once more, we see the hard work of everyone - particularly at this most pressurised of seasons - in keeping Kings the exciting place it is, and remains: for everyone.

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