Student Blog by Eddie – Monday 18 March 2019

I thought that Sixth Form would give me a break from overly formal clothes, but after suiting up for school twice in the space of a week, I guess I was wrong.

On Friday 8 March 2019 I had my mock interview. After some hasty preparation and relatively sardonic exploitation of our advised ‘Power Posing’ I was feeling confident. Everything went well throughout; any nerves were completely eliminated after maybe a minute of talking with my interviewer. Amidst a time of an ever-increasing workload, this was a cathartic release of stress that was, in reality, completely unfounded.

However, this would not be the last of interviews. I, like many other unbreakable optimists, have been running for a place on the Kings' Senior Team. My interview for a place on the team was on Thursday 14 March 2019, and there was significantly more tension than the mock interview. I worked hard to prepare for this interview, made notes, highlighted those notes, then scrapped them and repeated step 1 and 2, but in reality, the interview was far less interrogative than I expected. I may get the spot, there’s no telling because I don’t know how well the other interviews went. But if I do get a spot then fantastic, but if not, then I'm sure the school made the right call.

A trip to the UCAS convention in Bristol illuminated the requirements for the paths in university I could potentially take, as well reuniting me with some familiar faces, both from Kings and from beyond. This trip gave me a short burst of motivation that is still lingering today, and I'm hoping it continues until the exams are finished next year.

It's been a long week, but I'm feeling good looking forward.

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