This is the first ever virtual Kings Sixth induction but hopefully you will find it helpful as you prepare to begin your Kings Sixth journey.

The timings below are simply a guide to access the relevant material ‐ though we would ask that you only log-on to your live question and answer session at the correct time.

Session 1 10:00am ‐ 11:00am Information Gathering


Watch a short welcome from your new Headteacher Mr Wiltshire Video Link

Who is who?

The Sixth Form team, the tutors and the Senior Student Team all make their introductions to you.

The Sixth Form team and the tutors Download

Grace and Toby's Hello Video Link

The Senior Student Team Video Link

Where and what?

For the majority of you Kings Academy is a familiar place however you may not have thought about the function of all spaces for Kings Sixth students. Click on the map below to see places and information. Now try clicking through interesting places in Kings Sixth Jeopardy and try the quiz.

Kings picture quiz Locations Download

Jeopardy tour of subjects Jeopardy Download

10.45am Take a short break and prepare for session 2

Session 2 Live Question and Answer, The A to Z and Tutor Choice

Please follow the sessions below given the first letter of your surname

Tutor Choice
Here at Kings Sixth we try to place you into your year 12 tutor group with a friend if possible. We cannot promise you will be with everyone identified however this is your opportunity to name up to five friends you would like to be with next year and submit your choice on Firefly by completing the task set ( for Kings students) or via email for external students ( this will be on the same email as your Zoom link). Please complete this by Wednesday 24th June to allow us to allocate tutors.

Surname A to H Surname I to Z

11:00am Question and Answer Live

Log-on to the Zoom meeting link sent to your school email or for external candidates this will have been sent to the email submitted on your application.

There will be a very short introduction before you have the opportunity to ask questions using the chat button. You may enter the waiting room up to 10 minutes prior to 11:00am.

11:00am The A to Z
Below is the Sixth Form A to Z for 2020 ‐ it contains lots of useful information and is the document to refer to in the first instance to answer a question. Do read this through the guide then try to answer the quiz questions attached.

(PDF document) A-Z of life in the Sixth Form 2020-21
(PDF document) Questions A-Z of Life in the Sixth Form
(PDF document) Questions and Answers A-Z of Life in the Sixth Form

11:30am The A to Z and Tutor Choice as above

11:30am Question and Answer Live

Session 3 ‐ Subject Preparation 12:00noon onwards

All subjects have prepared material to help you get ready to make the most of the courses you have chosen. This work can be found on Firefly for Kings Students; Firefly → Resources → Year Groups and Houses → Sixth Form → Year 11 into Year 12 Summer Work. For external students this was emailed to you. If you have not yet looked at these materials please do as being prepared for next year will have a positive impact.

As the above resources were set a few weeks ago, additional material has been added to this in Firefly → Resources → Year Groups and Houses → Sixth Form → Year 11 into Year 12 Summer Work Part 2. There are reading lists by subject in extra reading folder to further your knowledge and understanding.

Session 4 ‐ Study Skills 12:00noon onwards (interchangeable with session 3)

To study effectively developing the skills to engage with materials is crucial. Therefore it is suggested that you work through the study skills activities. These can be found on Firefly → Resources → Houses and Year Groups → Sixth Form → Year 11 into Year 12 Study Skills. There are seven skills to master; organisation, note taking, focus and concentration, avoiding procrastination, memory, papers and essay and exercise.

For external students the resources will be emailed to you for both sessions 3 and 4.

We look forward to welcoming you and working with you on your Kings Sixth journey.

Stay safe. The Sixth Form Team

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