Duke of Edinburgh Award

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This picture illustrates one of the activities that is possible when taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

The academy runs a Duke of Edinburgh Award programme

Enrolling on the scheme

At the Academy, Year 9 students may enrol for the Bronze Level DofE, and may complete three of the sections within the year of enrolment, Volunteering, Skill and Physical. They would then aim to undertake the Expedition in Year 10.

Year 10's students who have completed their Bronze award expeditions in April, can transition easily into Silver Award level, to complete expeditions after their GCSE exams in the Summer of Year 11.

However some Year 10 students may choose to enrol for direct entry into the Silver Award at the start of the academic school year, complete Volunteering, Skill and Physical sections within the year to then undertake their expedition after GCSE exams in Year 11.

Year 11 students who complete their Bronze award, can enrol for their Silver award to undertake the expedition after their GCSE's.

Year 12 and 13 can enrol at any point to undertake Gold Level Award.

DofE Enrolment form (MS-Word) .pdf version

DofE Bursary form

Cheddar Youth Trust bi-annual grant application form

DofE Year 9 Letter

DofE Bronze Introductory Presentation

DofE Year 10 Letter

Idea's for each section

Programme Ideas Physical

Programme Ideas Skills

Programme Ideas Volunteering

Evidence planners

Activity Log Physical

Activity Log Skills

Activity Log Volunteering

How to upload assessor reports

Adding Assessor Reports

Help for an assessor to write a report

Writing Assessor Reports AAPs

Expedition Official DofE Expedition kit lists, Food hints and tips and photos How to create the presentation after the assessed expedition

Expedition Kit List

Magazine Food Article Summer 2014

DoE Helpful Hints for Creating a Presentation

Residential Resource Guide

Residential Session Plan

DofE bitesize for Participants

DofE approved e-learning course

DofE Street Food eCourse