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Jun 2019 Revision FocusYear 10 Internal Exams Letter
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Summer 2019 PEP ScheduleContains dates and times of all Year 11 PEP sessions
Summer 2019 PEP notesContains notes about the PEP talks for Year 11 exams
May 2019 ScheduleContains dates and times of all Year 10 PPE exams
May 2019 ScheduleContains dates and times of all Year 12 PPE exams
Summer 2019 ScheduleContains dates and times of all GCSE and A2 exams for years 11, 12 & 13

Year 10 Grade ReviewExplanation Of Grades
Year 9 Grade ReviewExplanation Of Grades
Years 12 and 13 Grade ReviewExplanation Of Grades
Year 11 Grade ReviewExplanation Of Grades
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GCSE 9-1 Grades (1)OFQUAL Explanation
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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - The following Examination Boards are used by the school
AQA Exam Board Website
OCR Exam Board Website
Pearson Exam Board Website
Eduqas Exam Board Website

Information tailored to Year 11 revision can be found here

GCSE grades in England are changing

Starting with English and maths, GCSE grades in England will be graded from 9 to 1. Find out more:

Please note that SMARTWATCHES have now joined mobile phones, iPods and MP3/4 players on the list of 'potential technological/web enabled sources of information' that are classified as 'unauthorised items' and must therefore not be brought into any exam. Possession of such items in a public exam is deemed as a 'serious offence' by all exam boards and will typically result in disqualification if found in the student's possession during an exam.

Wrist watches MUST be removed prior to the examination starting and placed on the desk.