Kings' Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent

At Kings we are highly ambitious for every student. We aim to deliver a broad, innovative and knowledge-rich curriculum that allows all students to fulfil their potential and to be well-equipped for the future.

We strive for all students to:

  • maximise their life chances by acquiring powerful knowledge over a broad range of subject disciplines
  • be highly aspirational and ambitious
  • care about current issues and global challenges and to shape the future our planet
  • develop a life-long passion for learning and desire for knowledge
  • become confident, independent learners
  • be well prepared for their next steps including education, employment and training
  • be able to form successful, caring relationships through demonstrating our Christian (PRIDE) values including respect, equality and empathy
  • become active citizens, equipped to play a dynamic role in their community and wider society
  • be guided by the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different beliefs, different faiths and no faith
  • adopt lifestyles that promote physical and mental wellbeing
  • be high achievers, fulfilling their potential in exams to allow progression to further high-quality courses and training
  • develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves, other people and their environment


Kings is an Upper School with students starting in Year 9. The option choice is incorporated as part of the transfer arrangements, which supports raising expectations and emphasises the ‘step-up’ into a new school.

As a school we believe in providing a broad and balanced curriculum, within our physical capabilities, that helps meet the needs and interests of our learners. All students in Years 9 to 11 study a Core Curriculum, completing KS3 and moving into KS4. The Core Curriculum includes: English language and literature, mathematics, science, religion, philosophy and ethics, personal social and health education and physical education.

In addition to this Core Curriculum Kings’ courses include a range of GCSE qualifications and Vocational Technical Qualifications (VTQs) that have a work-related focus, such as BTEC. We have recently extended our VTQ offer to ensure that all of our learners are on meaningful courses for them, where possible. Students usually study for ten Level 2 qualifications with some on guided pathways studying eight or nine.

We promote the learning of a wide range of subjects advocating the choice of two subjects from a Modern Foreign Language, Humanity or Computer Science alongside two further enrichment subjects. In addition, some students will be offered the opportunity to take separate Science GCSEs and Further Maths GCSE. Students with learning needs receive curriculum support and, if appropriate, additional lessons for English and Maths. Some students will receive specific curriculum intervention to support their reading skills. Students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds receive additional curriculum support in terms of resources and mentoring.

The vast majority of our SEND learners access a full curriculum with the differentiation of resources in the classroom and targeted support in class support from LSAs (Learning Support Assistants) where appropriate. Some SEND students are supported to make the same progress as all other students in their core subjects, by providing them with extra small group support referred to as the EBacc booster programme. All SEND students in addition to accessing the above have a designated member of the learning support team who has regular contact and will undertake reviews as appropriate.

In the Sixth Form we believe in offering something for all students, so that young people in the Wessex Learning Trust and Cheddar Valley can have a seamless education from 2 to 19 years of age. We have extended our breadth of course bringing in Vocational Technical Qualifications (VTQs), such as Applied Law, Criminology and Digital Media at Level 3. As part of our values we believe in providing a comprehensive offer and this includes a ‘Level 2’ Work Skills BTEC. This is ideal for young people who would find Level 3 / A Level study too difficult but are suited to a course that will lead into an apprenticeship and/or employment. In addition, all students continue to study GCSE English and Maths if they have not achieved a grade 4+ ensuring this is not a barrier to their next steps and in accordance with Department for Education guidelines. Sixth Formers are asked to pick up an enrichment / elective choice to broaden their personal development, which could include student leadership, an Extended Project Qualification, Core Maths or voluntary / community work.

It is important to note that the Kings curriculum is wider than the ‘national curriculum’. As a Christian school we celebrate our distinctive character where Christian values are promoted in all aspects of school life. We encourage all members of the school community to promote a Christian ethos where care and respect is shown to everyone. Religious Education is studied by all students to full GCSE and is one of our most successful subjects. Students go to church at least four times a year and enjoy Christian worship in assemblies and events. We run a popular Christian group, Engage, which is well supported by our external church community.

Personal, social, moral, spiritual and cultural themes are explored specifically in PSHE lessons. Our sports provision is enhanced by our own Kings Sports Academy, which provides expert coaching with the opportunity to develop and play in our elite teams. Our Expressive Arts Faculty, likewise, provides fantastic opportunities for Dance, Art, Performance, Textiles, Music and Photography. Many other subjects provide extra-curricular clubs, such as debating, public speaking, enterprise competitions, Geog-Squad and so forth. ‘Participation’ in something additional is seen as a core part of our curriculum offer.

Our embedded ‘Extended Friday Tutor Time’ is a crucial part of our Kings Curriculum where students learn about wider personal, social, moral, spiritual, cultural and health issues, global challenges, economic awareness, employability and metacognition. It is a time where House Councils meet to discuss student leadership projects and work with students from other years (including Sixth Formers working with younger years). Developing student leadership is a key aspect of our wider curriculum. Houses are encouraged to nominate a charity to support each year and a community project to undertake. There are four vertically organised Houses with two or three horizontal tutor groups from each year group (Year 9-11). Sixth Formers are also in a House.

Our Business Network is a key part of our curriculum offer allowing students to meet employers through the Careers Fair and Careers Café’s ; as well as take part in mock interviews, writing CVs, writing application forms and undertaking work experience. All students including those in Kings’ Sixth are encouraged to undertake work experience. Kings’ Sixth students (and their parents) are provided with UCAS and Higher apprenticeship specific advice, through events, tutorials and resources.

This concept is further developed into our Kings Focus Days, which allow for greater inter-year group working and wider skills and knowledge development. Students can nominate key issues to look at and opt into workshops. Heads of House help to shape this offer and include their own ‘House curriculum’ to personalise the offer for their students. We see that responding to students’ needs and interests as a unique aspect of our curriculum. Kings Focus Days and Extended Tutor Time are thus seen as a critical part of our Kings curriculum, they help to develop character, enhance life skills and promote future employability.

Considering all of the above, this is why our mantra is so important to us at Kings - Believe and Succeed!

See also the Curriculum page regarding the Key Stage 4 Curriculum and Options and Kings’ Sixth Prospectus for course details alongside the list of courses offered by qualification year and the curriculum map for each subject shown below.

Curriculum Maps

Below are outline maps for the curriculum in each faculty area. Further detail and resources are available using Firefly for students and parents.


(PDF document) Download - English Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Film Curriculum Map

Enterprise and Technology

(PDF document) Download - Business GCSE and A Level Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Computer Science Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Design Technology Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Food Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Media Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Vocational Business and Enterprise Curriculum Map

Expressive Arts

(PDF document) Download - A Level Photography Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Art Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Music Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Performing Arts Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Textiles Curriculum Map


(PDF document) Download - Geography Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - History Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - RPE Curriculum Map


(PDF document) Download - Maths Curriculum Map

Modern Foreign Languages

(PDF document) Download - French Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - German Curriculum Map


(PDF document) Download - Applied Science Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Biology Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Chemistry Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Physics Curriculum Map (PDF document) Download - Psychology Curriculum Map


(PDF document) Download - PE Curriculum Map