Kings offers a wealth of enrichment activities and opportunity.

(PDF document) The 2021-22 Enrichment Magazine

Students are encouraged to participate in the wider school curriculum and take advantage of the opportunities on offer. Our wide-ranging programme of activities, societies, events and trips allow our students to find alternative avenues of interest to explore and enjoy. By getting involved in extra-curricular activities we hope that their enjoyment of school life will be enhanced, and personal skills will be developed. Everyone has strengths and interests that should be encouraged to grow and flourish giving self- confidence and wellbeing. As a Church of England school everyone is encouraged ‘to live life in all its fullness’ John 10:10, celebrating the different skills and interests we all have.

Enrichment examples:

Focus days: Focus days are scheduled for each term and compliment the curriculum.

Focus days allow staff and students to dedicate time to wider education beyond studying exam courses, a drive to develop students’ employability skills, the introduction of additional welfare support (PSHE), the development of the school’s values and House System and the successful implementation of new vocational courses.

Charities week: Kings' charity week in October is a highlight of the school year, organised and run by our student senior team. Thousands of pounds are raised every year for three key charities: a local, national and international charity. Education and awareness of these charities is delivered by the student senior team and House captains via house assemblies. Through extensive planning and courageous advocacy our senior students organise a theme for the week and a comprehensive week of fun events; scheduled during break and lunchtimes for all students and staff to actively participate in. The highlight of the week being ‘Rock and roll years’ a variety show with student and staff acts.

Charity: Each house also links annually to a charity of their choice and various house fundraising events are promoted by students and staff.

Trips and Visits: Kings offers an extensive programme of trips and visits. These are predominately run by Faculty and subject areas. Trips have an educational focus but also provide spiritual, moral, social, cultural and emotional development for our students. We also have visiting speakers and visiting faith communities. Our school has a link with the Watoto church and children’s choir who are hosted by the school and Church community.

Sports Academy: Here at Kings the spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing of all students and staff is considered very important and sport being linked to obtaining and maintaining a positive mindset is encouraged. Additional to the timetabled physical Education curriculum there is an extensive extracurricular programme of physical activities for our students and a discounted Gym membership offered for students and staff.

Wellbeing: Various wellbeing events and initiatives are actively underway at Kings for both students and staff. Our student garden has seen flowers in bloom this summer and vegetables harvested, and our reflection garden is in the planning. Our student welfare team located in the student welfare inclusion unit regularly meet with students who need additional emotional support and liaise with our Heads of house and if necessary external agencies of support. Sixth form Peer listeners are also available and have been actively seen around school in their blue t-shirts. Our rising stars programme is also a great success with sixth form students attending, supporting and being a regular presence in our lower school lessons. Our extended tutor time every Friday also provides opportunity to address important welfare issues and pastoral support.

Careers: It is important that students make the right choices for their future. Our school values ’the principles of PRIDE’ introduce students on arrival at Kings to key values aimed to help with personal development, employability and lifelong learning. The Friday extended tutor programme has career education and activities that enhance key skills. Throughout the year assemblies are delivered by visiting speakers from various businesses and organisations. Our school alumni are strong; past students regularly return to share their skills and experience. Business studies encourages courageous advocacy and entrepreneurship through ‘Big Pitch’ and partnership with the local Rotary club and retail events. Students are invited to breakfast careers events in the school café and careers fayres. Students undertake a week of work experience in year 11 and year 12 and are extensively supported in their work experience and career choices by their House group tutor and the careers leader Mrs Devlin. Futures interviews are scheduled in year 11 and again in year 12 with members of our extended Kings community, helping students prepare for their next steps whether that be in further education or employment.

Enrichment at Kings is intended to be diverse allowing each individual to flourish and be supported to grow and thrive in the various aspects of their life.

Psalm 72 talks about the role of Biblical kings and this can motivate our own approach:

6 6 May we be like rain falling on a mown field,
like showers watering the earth.
7 In our days may ourselves and others flourish
and prosperity abound till the moon is no more.

Enrichment activities are regularly reported in Kings' news items