Theme of the Week

Each week students are introduced to a key theme. The theme is designed to fit with events that are taking place at Kings and the wider world. Links are explicitly made to Christian belief and practice, and the school values ‘Kings principles of PRIDE’ as well as other faith perspectives and secular approaches. Assemblies, curriculum events and the tutor programme are designed to enrich students in their learning and spiritual development.

Students engage with the theme and are encouraged to have ‘think’ time, allowing for philosophical enquiry, quiet reflection and spiritual contemplation.

Literacy is also strengthened by having a word of the week which is considered within the context of the weekly theme.

Here is the theme and word of the week programme for the Spring term 2022:

Spring Term

Week beginning Theme Word

This week our theme is - Consumerism

Recent Themes

26th January, 2022 - History

27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day. This year it will be 77 years since the extermination camp at Auschwitz was liberated. It is difficult for us to learn from evil things that have happened in History, but we must learn if we are not to make the same mistakes. The Holocaust didn't begin with the death camps, it began with prejudice, name calling and dividing up society. It began by building on prejudice that was already present. If we are not going to repeat the Holocaust, we must ensure that prejudice, hatred and division have no place in our society.

We are asking the students to think about their ideal world, using the phrase "One Day……" What would your ideal world of the future look like? Do you dream of a society that is tolerant, peaceful and loving? Will there be equality between races, sexes, sexualities and religion? Will there be an end to poverty?

It is no good having an idea about what a perfect world will be like One Day, we have to think about what we can each do, as individuals and as society as a whole to bring about the changes that we want to see.

11th January, 2022 - Creativity

As we get fully into this New Year, let us take a moment to think about creativity. When we think about creativity, we often just concentrate on the arts. However, we can be creative in so many ways. Being creative is about using the gifts, the talents, the skills that you have.

The Bible tells us of many different spiritual gifts. Maybe your gifts are one or some of these. Are you someone who encourages others, maybe you show leadership? Perhaps you can teach others, maybe serving or helping others is your gift.

Whatever your gift, the challenge is to use it creatively, to look for opportunities where you can show your gift, your skill, your talent. To be creative you do not have to be an amazing painter or write a song. You can be creative by finding new opportunities to help others or finding a way to listen to someone who needs to talk.

22nd November, 2021 - Morale

When we think about morale, we often come up with images of team sports, where people are encouraged to think positively in order to play well together. Alternatively, a workplace, where positivity is encouraged in order that morale is raised and people feel good. In order to raise Morale we need to encourage these fruits, or positive feelings.

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are known as the "fruits of the Spirit", but whether you are a Christian or not, I think we can all agree that if these feelings are encouraged and nurtured by all, in every situation, then Morale will improve and people will feel happier and more positive.

What can you do this week to live out the "Fruits of the Spirit"?

15th November, 2021 - Parable

The parable of the Good Samaritan is perhaps one of the most well-known stories in the Bible. In it the unexpected person is the one who helps, the one who cares.

This photo shows a modern day image of the Good Samaritan. Whilst one car passes by, rather than help and another man is shown by his reflection in the window on the right hand side; again, not helping, but just looking at the problem. It is the young man in a hoodie that has stopped to help the injured man who has been mugged. The one that you would not expect.

Jesus used this parable to help teach that we all have a duty to care for each other. That we all must show love and compassion towards others, even strangers. You can't just walk past people when they are in trouble. We all have to look out for people and help; regardless of who they are, or who we are.

8th November, 2021 - Silence

Once again, we approach Remembrance Day. Many of us will pause, either on Thursday 11th November or on Remembrance Sunday, 14th November, and we will be silent. Once a year, every year, we spend two minutes in silence. What do you do in that silence? Do you think about anyone in particular, maybe a distant relative that you know died in the war? Do you pray for all those in war today? Do you long for a time when there will be no war? People use the silence for many things, but each year we continue to use it as a special time. A time to reflect, to ponder, to pray, to think.

At Kings, we will all stop at 11am. Some students and staff will lay wreaths by the cross at the front of the school. Some students and staff will be participating in the Parade at 3pm on Sunday at Cheddar War Memorial.

18th October, 2021 - Chivalry

When we think of chivalry, most of us will think of Knights on horseback and damsels in distress. However, if you look at what the Code of Chivalry actually was, it can and should apply to all of us, every day. The Code of Chivalry is basically an extension of The Golden Rule, which is in every world religion. To treat others as you want to be treated.

How much better would everyone's lives be if we could all just live to this Golden Rule!

4th October, 2021 - Togetherness

This week we are looking at Togetherness. The Bible verse from Thessalonians gives us excellent advice on how to work together. We need to encourage one another and build each other up.

Last week all the students and staff came to church. Each day a different house came and we had a short service together. It seems like so, so long since we have been able to do that. We thought about what people were looking forward to doing, now that Covid regulations are relaxing. All the answers that were given were about being together, sports teams, clubs, school trips, having a proper Christmas. What we have missed is doing things together and being together with others.

Togetherness is more than just being in a room with other people; togetherness is about encouraging each other and building one another up. We may not all be in teams, but we can all support, encourage and build each other up.


Dear God,

Give us opportunities to build each other up, to encourage and support. Help us to be positive towards each other and not negative. Help us to build togetherness wherever and whenever we can.

In Jesus name.


20th September, 2021 - Motivation

Sometimes it is difficult to motivate yourself. I am sure we all have mornings when the alarm goes off and we would rather stay in bed. At other times, we need others to encourage us, to motivate us. How we respond to those moments, the moments when we lack motivation is important. Sometimes we just need to push through and keep going.

What motivates you? What makes you want to do things? Is it enjoyment, the challenge of doing something new, overcoming a problem? Whatever our motivation, it is important to know that even if we are not 100% sure of ourselves, God is always with us and we should not be discouraged.