Reporting Your Child's Absence

Regular attendance at school is essential for good progress. It is also a legal requirement that your child attends school. The only acceptable reasons for absence are student illness or family bereavement. If your child has an absence for one of these reasons then it must be reported to the school by telephoning the Absence Hotline before 10.00am on 01934 745304 or by emailing absence@kowessex.co.uk on each day of absence explaining the reason. This enables the school to keep their records up to date and helps alleviate the fear of missing children. In the case of extended illnesses, please liaise with their year leader who will arrange for work to be sent home. Permission for absence other than illness or bereavement is given only in exceptional circumstance and holidays during term time will not be authorised.

As an Upper School, all students are involved in preparation for public examinations. Some GCSE courses start in Year 9, and in Year 10, students have on-going modular GCSE examinations and controlled assessment. Years 11, 12 & 13 are fully occupied with GSCE and A-level commitments. Any lesson missed is a valuable educational experience lost which cannot be replicated and research demonstrates that absence undoubtedly hinders progress; we would ask that you think carefully before you remove your child from school. On occasion we do recognise that there may be extraordinary circumstances which would qualify for leave. If you have a request that you believe would comply with this criteria, a form can be obtained from the school office, completed and returned to your child's House Head in plenty of time.

Absence Hotline: 01934 745304

Absence Email: absence@kowessex.co.uk