The Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) used by the school is called Firefly. Firefly is used for many purposes that can be broadly categorised as communicating with students and parents. Some of these are:

  • For setting tasks for students, e.g. homework.
  • For online reporting to parents.
  • For sharing information from the school.
  • For sharing news from the school.
  • For alerting parents to unusual events such as closure due to adverse weather.
  • For authorising logging into other systems.

Click on the Firefly logo to be taken to the Firefly login screen

Important Information

Important detailed information on using Firefly, that every parent and student needs to be aware of
(PDF document) Click here for information about using Firefly

To view your child's reports please ensure that you log into Firefly as a parent.

General Help for Firefly can be found here

Logging in to Firefly

The login panel should look as in the image on the left, below. To log in as a parent please bear in mind the following:

1. Avoid logging in as your child, this often happens when computers are shared.

2. Make sure you are logging in using the correct login panel. Unfortunately, Firefly has two versions of its login panel - as a parent or student you won't want to be using the "Login for YEAR 8, GOVERNORS, STUDENT TEACHERS and OTHER TEMPORARY Users" panel, so look for "STUDENTS, PARENTS and STAFF". If it does not say "Login for STUDENTS, PARENTS and STAFF" as where ringed in blue, the text ringed in green will read "Login for STUDENTS, PARENTS and STAFF" - click on this to change to the correct login panel.

3. If using Firefly for the first time your parent's account will need to be activated. To start this process click on the text ringed in red below.

NB. Students' accounts do NOT need to be activated.

4. Whether logging in, or activating your account, use the email address you have given to the school as your username. Changes take 24 hours to become effective.

NB. Students do NOT use an email address to login. They have a 6-digit number that is also used for the school computers and Office365, but which has a separate password for Firefly

5. If you experience difficulty logging in to Firefly, please contact IT support on 01934 745356

Logging into other systems with Firefly

Your Firefly login is also used to allow you to log into the Kings of Wessex website and the Schoolcloud Parents' Evening System. The first time that you do this you will be asked to authorise the app.

Logging into the Kings of Wessex website allows the primary carer to view their child's timetable (also viewable on Firefly), together with some customised information not on Firefly, such as exam schedules, Sixth Form applications, and Year 11 mentoring and revision schedules.

The image below shows where to find the "Kow Login" logging in with Firefly button under the Home section of the menu. Simply click on the menu item and then on the Firefly logo on the following screen. If you are already logged into Firefly you will then be automatically logged into the Kings website.

The Firefly App

Although we recommend accessing Firefly from a computer/Internet, there is a phone app which many find convenient. To access Firefly using the app you will need the school code which is kowa

Scrolling down the Parents' Dashboard will reveal a link for the Parents' Evening system from SchoolCloud, while clicking on the Browse Site button will reveal an icon for each child that you are linked to on Firefly, and which will enable you to see their reports.

Acceptable Use Agreement For Online Virtual Learning Platforms

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Using Microsoft Teams

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