Celebrating Music!

In any school, musicians are recognised as being the students we all want in our class. They tend to be the ones who are focussed, independent, organised and self-driven. But, in fairness, they have to be. This year alone our students have performed twice at Wells Cathedral and had two additional full School Concerts, performed at six school events including Awards Evening, taken part in the Chamber Music Festival, had their first TV debut at Wedmore by Lamplight, performed in thirteen Church Services, performed at the Expressive Arts evening and produced a stunning A Level Recital. This is just the school events. I haven’t even mentioned the Cheddar Valley performances, County Youth groups or the National Youth groups that our students take part in regularly.

In addition to this, a lot of our students also take instrumental exams. This year alone we have added:

Two at grade 2 (1 Merit and 1 Distinction)

Four at grade 4 (2 Merits and 2 Distinctions)

Three at grade 5 (2 Merits)

Four at grade 6 (2 Merits and 2 Distinctions)

Two at grade 7 (1 Merit and 1 Distinction)

Two at grade 8 (both Distinction)

We also have seven students still to take exams this term (two at grade 5, three grade 6, one grade 8 and one diploma)

To put these in to context, from grade 6 your grades start to gain UCAS points!

So huge congratulations go out to all our musicians on a fantastic year’s work.