Social Sciences

The Social Sciences curriculum at Kings promotes social mobility and stimulates academic curiosity and integrity across all disciplines. Knowledge is experienced through a range of enriching learning experiences. Through signposted learning opportunities, students develop empathy and compassion and promote a team ethos to learning. Students develop holistically and support each other to deepen their knowledge and understanding of social ideas, legal concepts, and theories of behaviour. Misconceptions in society are identified and addressed and students act as role models for each other treating each other equally and with respect. Students actively seek opportunities to demonstrate the leadership skills that are provided as part of the Social Science curriculum through ambassadors. Learners develop debating and advocacy skills through guided discussion which, in turn, allows students to express their views and opinions and appreciate those of others in a democratic setting.

The Social Sciences curriculum provides a diverse range of learning experiences, cross curricular links and the embedding of core principles which underpin key learning ideas. These include a knowledge of basic human rights and the importance of acting respectfully and responsibly within these rights to ensure a cohesive society; understanding the theory of behaviour and how it shapes and forms moral boundaries in society; developing a broad understanding of the UK’s role in the wider world; developing the ability to explore issues through case studies.

References to career pathways linked to Health and Social Care, Law, Psychology and Sociology promote lifelong learning and an understanding of life beyond the classroom. Knowledge is sequenced progressively to facilitate long-term retention and build confidence and resilience. Long-term and medium-term planning ensures the Social Sciences curriculum provides frequent opportunities to retrieve, recall and deploy core knowledge and understanding.