The Library

The Library is open throughout the day from 8.30am to 3.15pm and provides a wide range of resources and photocopying.

Our Librarian is on duty during the day to offer advice and assistance to students. There is also a team of student librarians who assist with library work at break and lunchtime. All students are automatically enrolled as members of the Library, and they can borrow up to three items at a time and may keep the various resources for periods of up to two weeks.

The support of parents is sought in helping to ensure that books are returned on time. If a book is lost or damaged, an invoice will be sent home to cover the cost of replacement

The Library hosts a homework club Monday to Wednesday between 3:15pm and 4.00pm with a member of the Learning Support Team. Laptops are available for students to use to complete any outstanding work.

Students can access eBooks and audiobooks via their local library system. Students should make sure they are registered with their local library service first to be able to gain access to these resources. The local library service to Cheddar is

This is the link to our online library site – Reading Cloud: Home Page (