The Virtual Learning Platform (VLP) used by the school is called Firefly. Firefly is used for many purposes that can be broadly categorised as communicating with students and parents. Some of these are:

  • setting tasks for students e.g. homework
  • online reporting to parents
  • sharing information from the school
  • sharing news from the school
  • alerting parents to unusual events such as closure due to adverse weather
  • authorising logging into other systems

Logging into Firefly

A few important things to be aware of:

  • Avoid logging in as your child, this often happens when computers are shared
  • Make sure you are logging in using the correct login panel. Firefly has two versions of its login panel – you can switch between the two by clicking the section on the right of the login panel and ensure you are using the correct one
  • If using Firefly for the first time your parent’s account will need to be activated. To start this process click on the text at the bottom of the login panel (student accounts do NOT need to be activated)
  • Whether logging in or activating your account, use the email address you have been given by the school as your username. Any changes take 24 hours to become effective
  • Students do NOT use an email address to login. They have a six digit number that is also used for the school computers and Office365. They have a separate password for Firefly

If you experience difficulty logging in to Firefly, please contact IT support on 01934 745356


Further help using Firefly can be found on the Firefly website.