Home Learning Support

In the event of a local, school or year group bubble having to work at home, lessons will be delivered using a blend of Live Learning and Remote Learning.

Live Learning will be delivered using Microsoft Teams which is accessed through www.Office.com. You will receive an invite for lessons via your school email address and Outlook calendar. Live Learning means the teacher will hold the lessons in real time. The teacher will be delivering content online, setting work and giving you time to apply the learning.

All live lessons will start with a slide explaining what resources and equipment you will need for the lesson.

You will be muted with the camera off for lessons. You are expected to participate in learning and feedback during lessons using the hands up and chat bar tools. There may be times when the teacher unmutes you to allow verbal feedback.

Live Learning work should be completed in your home learning workbook or electronically, depending on the task your teacher has set.

Remote Learning will be set via Firefly as tasks. You will complete this work independently either in your home learning workbook or electronically, depending on the task your teacher has set.

In the event of an entire year group bubble working at home everyone will follow the normal school timetable. The first day of home learning will always be via Firefly tasks and, thereafter, teachers will provide you with an overview of which lessons are live and which are remote. Live lessons will appear in your Outlook calendar as an invite and you will also receive an email invite via your school email account.

In the event of a partial year group bubble required to work at home, a bespoke timetable will be created. The details of the bespoke timetable, which lesson are live and which are remote will be communicated to parents and students in a timely manner.

If you have any technical or timetabling concerns or you are not able to access work, please contact your teacher. This can be done via the chat bar in Teams, or via Firefly, or click on the contact your teacher email link here.