Prayer Space

The sanctuary provides a quiet place for our ‘school community’ to spiritually reflect, to pray and receive spiritual support.

Students also use the sanctuary to attend ‘Engage’ our weekly Christian union to discuss contemporary issues in the context of having or developing a faith/spiritual perspective, with Youth Alpha being offered by our school Chaplain.

The sanctuary which is comfortably furnished with sofas and armchairs can also be used (booked) as a meeting room for students, staff and support agencies, allowing them to meet in a relaxed purposeful environment for support, discussion and contemplation.


Comments from a student here at Kings

“Personally, I found Alpha and Engage to be a great experience as I met new friends and learned new things about God, Christianity and life and it was great to do different activities learning about these things.
As well as making it fun. Youth Alpha was not only an amazing experience, but also an educational benefit, as I learned lots of new aspects about prayer, faith, the church, the spirit - and lots more!

The Sanctuary is a lovely place to be as it is so calm and peaceful. It is also a place where you can openly express your opinion without being judged by anyone.
Everyone is kind and caring and willing to help.

Overall, it is a brilliant place to be and I recommend others to come along.”